2013 Foal Announcements


Lots of new Bugatti foals have arrived in the last few weeks.  Bill and Charlotte Roseburg’s third and final Bugatti foal of the season has arrived! This time it is a filly out of the Thoroughbred mare Purple Bal (Order – Fred Astaire).  “Very correct, coordinated, and special! She will make someone a very lovely partner. Thanks to team Hilltop (and of course Mr. Bugatti), we are blessed once again.”

It’s a pinto Bugatti for Brenda Kelly! Brenda’s mare Sizzle had a chestnut pinto filly by Bugatti on June 27th.  She is quite possibly the flashiest Bugatti foal we have ever seen! Congratulations Brenda!

Congratulations to Beth Custalow of California! Beth’s mare Romantic (Rohdiamant – Airport) had a pretty chestnut Bugatti filly.  Both mare and foal are doing well.

In Canada, it’s a Bugatti colt out of the Thoroughbred mare Root For Lady Jane. This is breeder Jane Mitchell’s third Bugatti foal over the past few years.  Congratulations on another lovely Bugatti foal Jane!

Congratulations to Hannah Mattis on the arrival of her Riverman filly out of the Thoroughbred mare Canwestillbefriends.  The pretty filly has been named Fritz River.  We can’t wait to see her competing as a hunter or jumper in a few years – we’re sure she will be a star!

In Ohio, it’s a surprisingly flashy Royal Prince colt.  With four tall whites and a big blaze, we’re not sure where this handsome chestnut colt got so much white! He certainly wasn’t what breeder Christina Canter expected when she bred her Danish mare Pennsylvania K to Royal Prince, but she couldn’t be happier.

It’s a Donarweiss colt for Michelle Rooney of Arizona.  Michelle’s Westfalen mare Plum Bayou Morning Glory had a handsome black Donarweiss colt with three white socks and a star.  Typically of the Donarweiss offspring, this little guy is enjoying learning lots of new things like leading, clipping, and picking up his feet.

In Middletown, Maryland breeder Lori Garnant was excited to announce the arrival of her second Riverman foal out of her special Thoroughbred mare Star Evans.  She’s named the handsome bay colt Riverbend.  Congratulations Lori!

Heidi Rose and Flint Ridge Farm are pleased to announce the first Don Hill U.S. filly!  She is a lovely girl, and very friendly. Dulcinea is a chestnut with lots of refinement, long legs, 3 white stockings and a white blaze, very flashy! Addy is the best mom ever, very kind and sweet, very easy delivery. Thanks so very much to Natalie and Brittany for their patience and understanding and to my fantastic support group at FRF!

Congratulations to Kathy Jackson on the arrival of her Bugatti colt out of her Del Piero – Parabol mare Delicat.  Kathy has named the tall bay colt Bremen. We can’t wait to see what this same cross produces next year!

We are seeing lots of white on the Royal Prince foals this year and Paulette Zeigler’s filly is no different. Paula’s filly Royal Odessa(Royal Prince x Ulla/Chardonay) has four white socks and a big blaze, very surprising when you consider the small amount of white on her full sister.  Congratulations Paula!

Another Popeye colt for 2013, Judy Force’s pony mare Wind Dancer had a handsome bay colt on June 7th.  The colt is bay with two small hind socks and a star. Both mare and foal are doing well and Judy couldn’t be happier with the colt!

Congratulations to breeder Meredith Michelfelder on the arrival of her Bugatti filly out of the Oldenburg mare Desert Rose.  This is Meredith’s second Hilltop foal of the season; we can’t wait to see pictures of the two fillies together!

We just received great news from breeder Dr. Dara Lindner.  Hi, Team Hilltop!  I’ve got a couple of foal announcements for you.  Mazurka delivered her Festrausch colt May 27th.  He is a very leggy bay who we expect to be quite tall – just like Dad. Also, Wolke Neun delivered her Don Principe colt this morning (June 21).  He has four whites and a blaze.  We’re not sure where all this chrome came from, as the mare looks very much like Don Principe (dark bay with virtually no white). Both colts are doing great.  We’re very pleased.” Congratulations Dara!

Congratulations to Dianne Kirk of Ohio on the arrival of her Negro filly out of the Oldenburg mare Ensenada (Ex Libris). Dianne commented “She is gorgeous and very balanced and does beautiful flying lead changes already.”

Congratulations to Rachel Ehrlich and Greengate Stud on the arrival of their Don Principe colt out of EM Winnie Winzig (Weltruhm – Periander)! This little guy is very flashy with four matching white socks, a star, and a snip.

It’s a Popeye filly for pinto pony Why Not Me! Owner/Breeder Kristin DeLuca commented “Just 2 spots on her right hip, but still lots of bling with those stockings. Her name is Prima Esperanza ( Esperanza is hope for the future).” Congratulations Kristin!

n Georgia, Emily Wyatt’s mare Romanesque (Laurinn – Carolus I) delivered a pretty Riverman filly on May 28th.  Romanesque kept everyone anxiously waiting for almost a week and half after her due date, but we’re happy to report that both mare and foal are doing well – now Emily can finally catch up on sleep.

In Virginia, Lauren Seitz’s Thoroughbred mare Bella Gabriella had an adorable Royal Prince colt. “He is gorgeous, tall, and already quite strong!” Congratulations Lauren!

In Pennsylvania, Kimberly Callaway’s mare Daniella (Davignon – Garibaldi II) had a handsome Royal Prince colt. The big colt enjoyed lots of outside playtime with the beautiful weather we had over the Memorial Day weekend.

Across the country in California, Darla d’Agay and Kyle Karnosh both welcomed new foals by Hilltop stallions.  Darla’s Dutch mare Solana (Flemmingh – Nimmerdor) had her second Negro foal.  Last year was a handsome black colt this year, this year a pretty and quite flash chestnut filly.  Kyle’s Oldenburg mare Catera (Martini – Guarantor)had her second Contucci foal.

We sold all of our frozen semen inventory on Festrausch last breeding season, so all the Festrausch foals this year are extra special!  The latest Festrausch foal of 2013 is a filly out of the Thoroughbred mare Pyrite Glory (Family Calling – Green Dancer). Owner/breeder Nicole Taylor couldn’t be happier! “This filly is absolutely perfect, I could not have asked for anything better!  From pedigree, to movement, to temperament, to color, she is exactly what I hoped for, I feel so lucky!”

The arrival of Thoroughbred mare Velvet Brown’s Bugatti filly was a very special occasion.  Shortly after being bred Velvet was hurt in a pasture accident. After all the hard work breeder Judy McGaughan put in to see Velvet back to health, it’s rewarding to see her healthy and active filly by her side.  “The baby is very athletic, built uphill with a beautiful face and eye. Shes very smart and feisty and I am so glad we decided to let her come full term.”

Congratulations to Diane Morey of Arizona on the arrival of her Bugatti filly out of the Trakehner mare Merlot (Abdullah – Amagun).  Diana commented on the filly’s gorgeous neck set, shoulder, hip, and great bone.  She also shared that her filly has a sweet and loving temperament.

Kilkenny Crest, LLC of Oregon welcomed the flashiest Laroche colt we have seen yet! Dutch mare Kilkenny Tuesday by Jasco had a handsome bay Laroche colt with four tall white socks and a blaze.  We hope to see this one in the jumper ring in a few years!

Jeffery and Melissa Scherer’s Holsteiner mare Just Rio delivered a handsome bay Qredit colt back in April.  They’re excited to see how the colt does at the GOV inspection this August.  Congratulations!

Congratulations to Erica Foley on the arrival of her pretty Donarweiss filly out of Aurora.  The filly, named Demeter, is refined and pretty with two matching hind socks and a big star and stripe.

It’s a flashy Royal Prince colt for Laura Park! Laura’s mare Poppet has a fancy bay colt with a pretty star and stripe.  Congratulations Laura!

Kathryn Gladwell is the proud new owner of a Royal Prince filly out of her Phantast mare Pik Phantasy.  This filly is refined and pretty with some very long legs! Congratulations to owner Kathryn Gladwell and breeder Andrea Hayden!

Another promising jumper prospect by Laroche! Lola Johnston’s Thoroughbred mare Courtney’s Pick delivered a handsome black Laroche colt.  The playful colt is already practicing his flying changes while playing during turnout time.

Kim Fredenburgh’s Westfalen mare Walentina (Widor – Mazarin) had a beautiful Festrausch filly on April 10th.  Kim couldn’t be happier with the filly and plans to repeat the cross this year.  Congrats Kim!

It’s a Popeye colt for Shelley Evans of Nevada.  Shelley’s welsh cross mare Zoey had a handsome bay Popeye colt to be named Pacifico or “Paco” for short.  The little guy is all bay with almost no white – just like his daddy. Congratulations Shelley!

Diana Murphy’s Qredit colt has arrived! Quarter Moon (Qredit x Soprano’s Heart/Soprano) was born in the early morning hours of May 19th.  He is bay with two matching hind socks.  Congratulations Diana!

Trevelyan Farm’s second De Feiner Star colt out of Hilltop bred mare Regalia (Royal Prince – Cor Noir) is finally here.  The colt is chestnut with lots of chrome just like his daddy.  Congratulations Lesley!

Thanks to frozen semen, we are able to see a few foals by past Hilltop stallions each spring.  Through Sandra Pollack’s new filly we see Cor Noir’s legacy continue.  On May 21st, Sandra’s mare Dressy Affair had a big bay Cor Noir filly.  Both mare and foal are doing great and Sandra couldn’t be happier with the new addition to her herd!

Longtime clients of Hilltop, Blue Waters Farm welcomed a pretty Bugatti filly in the early morning hours of May 16th.  Owner and breeder Julie Poludniak couldn’t be happier with the filly out of her mare Fuerst Isabella (Fuerst Gotthard – John’s Surprise xx).  Congrats Julie!

It’s a Riverman filly for Chelsey Sawtell! Chelsey’s Thoroughbred mare Missaintbehavin (Consolidator – Marquetry) had a pretty filly with a star stripe and snip.  We’re sure this filly will be Chelsey’s next eventing star!

Kim Pribble was excited to share the news that her Royal Prince filly out of Starring Amanda (Sandro’s Song – Gaylord) has arrived.“Her name is Riessa and she is fabulous!  She is sweet, bold, curious and one of the most perfect babies I have ever seen!  The vet was awestruck!  She has a very refined feminine head and the prettiest doe eyes, amazing shoulder….etc, etc…!” We’re so happy to hear she is everything Kim was hoping for – Congratulations Kim!

We have been waiting for a long time to announce the arrival of the first US bred Don Hill foal. Now that Jennifer Hill’s Canadian Sporthorse mare Jamaicanmesmile delivered a handsome colt we can finally share the news!  Virginia Leary, Don Hill’s owner, has already had a chance to meet the little guy.  We hope he is everything you were wishing for Jen!

Another flashy foal to Donarweiss’s credit – Ilona English’s Pointmaker mare Pastora delivered a healthy Donarweiss colt with four whites and star.  He’s been named Denali and is already proving to be quite athletic bouncing around the stall.

It’s a Qredit filly for Karen Brittan’s Thoroughbred mare Ucanstartthemusic (Take Me Out – London Bells).  The filly has appropriately been named Q the Music – how cute! Congratulations Karen!

In Canada, Jessica Sutton’s mare Choiniere Xabon Harmony had a pretty bay Riverman filly on May 4th.  Jessica received her Riverman breeding as a birthday present from her husband in December of 2011.  I’m sure this is the longest she’s ever had to wait for her birthday present but we can’t think of a better present!  Congratulations Jessica!

In California, after waiting almost a month past Calimeena’s (by Calimro) due date Shirley Bumgarner finally has her Qredit filly.  Like many of the other Qredit foals this year this filly has lots of bling with four small whites and a wide blaze. Congratulations Shirley!

Congratulations to DeAnna Mann! DeAnna’s mare Ducari (Davignport – Domingo) delivered a pretty Bugatti filly on May 10th.  The filly, named Bijou, and Cari are doing well.

Don and Dee Kapper we’re proud to announce the arrival of their Don Principe filly “Donna” out of Rafaella OBX (Rouseauu – Banter).  We can see why – this filly is just beautiful! Congratulations Don and Dee!

Two New Hilltop Foals Arrive at Beall Spring Farm for owner/breeder, Thora Pollack! It’s a hatrick by Ma Cherie, delivering her third foal in a row by Negro on April 30. Ciarán is a strapping colt, well boned colt. He is black with a star. Thora’s second Hilltop foal, BSF Paris Nights was born on May 9th to our mare Beall Spring Sienna, by Royal Prince. Paris is a bay filly with a beautiful blaze, four white stockings and legs like a fashion runway model!

Congratulations to owner Michelle Tromble, and breeder Laura Wood, on the arrival of MSUauthatglytters’s Qredit filly.  “The filly is chestnut with matching hind socks and a blaze. She is very tall with an elegant front end and pretty head.”

In California, Lisa Marvier’s Sandro’s Song mare Hawkwood’s Cat Walk had a flashy bay Qredit colt with four white socks and a wide blaze.  Lisa’s decided to name the colt Quiet – rather ironic considering his very loud markings!

Delight Willing’s mare Chaieka had a very handsome Bugatti colt on April 26th. The colt is bay with a big white blaze.  Congratulations Delight!

The Marquardt’s now have two Hilltop foals! Donnacina (Donnerhall – World Cup I) had a handsome Royal Prince colt on April 22nd.  The little guy is bay with an irregular star, stripe, and snip marking.  Congratulations Jan and Gary!

In New York, Christine Kropf’s announced “Hawk Hollow Farm welcomes Contessa HHF to the world. Tessa was born on April 24th at 6:25am. She is out of our very special mare Winesome (Weltmeyer/Werther) by the amazing Contucci. She is feminine with fine delicate features..definitely a girly girl! We are so pleased!”

Congratulations to owner/breeder Sheila MacElwee on her handsome Qredit colt.  Here’s what Sheila shared with us: “On the morning of March 3, 2013 (3-3-13) we welcomed our beautiful Qredit colt out of our Arabian mare, Ghazis Style.  He’s chestnut with lots of chrome.  His name is Qamii and he has beautiful long legs and his conformation is impeccable!  he is very sweet and curious.  He loves playing with the big horse balls we put in the pasture and indoor arena.”

Lots of Black Qredit foals this year! The latest is Qricket, by Qredit and out of the Thoroughbred mare Heart Snatcher (El Corrodor – Lear Fan). Congratulations to owner/breeder Jaimie Tausch!

After two seasons of waiting, Emily Covington’s Qredit foal is finally here.  Emily’s mare Revien (Riverman –Davignon) delivered a very handsome and tall bay colt to be named Qraftwerk.  Revien and Qraftwerk are in the safe care of nearby breeder Lesley Feakins but as you can imagine Emily is anxiously awaiting the chance to make the trip to Pennsylvania to meet her new colt!

Lots of flashy foals this season!  Deanna Greulich’s Negro filly is perfectly marked with four big white socks, and pretty star, stripe, and snip.  Deanna shared, I had the pleasure of breeding my mare to Negro and now have a delightful little filly. I just love her.” For breeder Christine Jennings is a Royal Prince colt with four white socks.  He was almost a month overdue – clearly it took a little extra time to polish those white socks!

April Hays second Hilltop foal for 2013 has arrived.  This time it’s a big bay colt by Qredit out of her Thoroughbred mare Negev (Desert Prince – Sillery).  April has decided to name the colt Abner.  Congratulations April!

In Pennsylvania, Jennifer Hoffman’s Le Santo mare Look At Me had a flashy Qredit colt with four tall white socks and a wide blaze.  She’s named him Qrush On Me – a perfect name for such handsome little guy!

Anne Schafer now has a Royal Prince and Don Principe foal for 2013.  The Don Principe filly was born two weeks ago and is out of Rosalinda by Regazzoni. The Royal Prince colt arrived April 17th out of Anne’s Hanoverian mare Daphney.  The colt is chestnut without a speck of white. Congratulations Anne!

Debbie Russ’s Bugatti colt is proof that good things take time.  Her leggy chestnut Bugatti colt was three weeks late but after many nights waiting for his arrival he is finally here! Both mare and foal are doing well and Debbie couldn’t be happier with the colt!

Donarweiss’s first filly of 2013 has arrived! Kirsten Miller’s mare Brio delivered a healthy black filly with two hind socks. Both mare and foal are doing well.  Congratulations Kirsten!

The first Jaguar Mail foal for 2013 is finally here.  Courtney Cooper’s mare Believe in the Stars delivered a precious chestnut filly on April 19th.  The filly was up and running around in no time – sounds like she’s already training to be Courtney’s next big event horse prospect.

Congratulations to Susan Myers on her handsome Bugatti colt Izaak (Bugatti x Aspen/Flemmingh). Susan shared “He was born on April 15th and is the sweetest colt ever.

It’s a Donarweiss colt for Natalia Raphael! Natalia’s mare Savannah delivered a handsome bay colt with two matching hind socks and a blaze. Both mare and foal are doing well.  Congratulations Natalia!

After waiting five weeks past Danina’s (Davignon – Werther) due date, we can finally announce that the first Contucci foal of 2013 has arrived. Congratulations to owner/breeder Linda Santomenna!  Linda has bred to many of the Hilltop stallions over the years and we couldn’t be happier for her to have added another Contucci foal to her barn.

April Hays is expecting two foals by Hilltop Farm stallions this year.  The first foal, a Royal Prince filly out of the Thoroughbred mare Raise Your Hand (Quiet Enjoyment – Katowice), arrived in the early morning hours of April 9th.  April described the filly as “lovely and already bouncing around the stall.” Now we’re just anxiously awaiting the arrival of her other mare’s Qredit foal!

Jennifer DesRoche’s long awaited Royal Prince foal is finally here. Jennifer shared “Dramatic (Donatelli) delivered this handsome bay colt on March 29.  He is a real doll baby!  Sweet disposition and what a mover.”

In Texas, Jan and Gary Marquardt’s mare Walkaluba (Warkant – Hohenstein) had a leggy black Bugatti filly. The Marquardt’s commented “she’s here and she’s stunning!! Long legs, beautiful markings, gorgeous head and did I mention those long legs?”

Another flashy colt for Donarweiss! Fraulein (Festrausch – Del Piero) delivered a healthy black colt with blaze and two hind socks for owner/breeder Kathy Jackson.  Fraulien spent some of her time as a young horse in our Raising Program and we are thrilled we could be a part of her first breeding.  Congratulations Kathy!

The Virginia Tech Mare Center welcomed a big Qredit colt on April 10th out of the mare Dom Perignon (Domingo – Noble Dancer xx). We’re anxiously awaiting pictures but we’ve heard he is a “big chestnut colt, pretty face, lots of white.”  He has been named Qabernet VT.  Congratulations!

Popeye’s first filly of 2013 has arrived.  Amy Scampton’s Welsh cross mare had a Popeye filly on April 10th.  Congratulations Amy – we can’t wait to see pictures!

In Illinois, Amy McKay’s mare Thoroughbred mare Auburn Annie had a colt by Comic Hilltop.  He is currently bay but may grey out.  He has plenty of bling with a star, stripe, snip, and little white on his legs.  Congratulations Amy!

Irena Coz Lucas welcomed two Qredit foals to her barn this week. The first was a black filly with a pretty blaze out of Facet’s Violet (Prince of Prussia – Tudor). The second was a very flashy colt with four high white socks and a wide blaze out of Good Mornin (Leonidas – Guinevere).  Congratulations Irena!

We’re so happy to continue to see a few Parabol foals on the ground each year.  The first Parabol foal this season has arrived at Jenny McCreary’s farm.  Jenny’s mare Olena’s Pepper Coke delivered a healthy chestnut colt on Friday, April 12th.  Congratulations Jenny!

New foals arrived for both De Feiner Star and Hemmingway last week. On Monday, Trevelyan Farm, owned by Lesley Feakins, welcomed a flashy De Feiner Star colt out of the mare Santana.  De Feiner Star grew up in Lesley’s young horse raising program – it’s great to see her have one of his first foal!  On Tuesday, Wendy Patterson’s mare Rio, by Rotspon, delivered a leg bay colt with a star and snip by Hemmingway. Congratulations to Lesley and Wendy!

Barbara McKnew’s Thoroughbred mare Aly Alice had a lovely Festrausch colt.  It was clear she foaled in the afternoon just to make sure everyone could see all of this colt’s bling! With four white socks, a star, and a snip we’re not quite sure which parent is responsible all this white. Congratulations Barbara!

The first Donarweiss foal of the season has arrived.  Anne-Marie Gagnon’s mare Winrianna (Winterprinz – Cicero) had a strong black colt.   Anne-Marie has named him MG-Dom Perignon.  Congratulations!

Elaine Haberman couldn’t be happier with her Bugatti filly.  Elaine’s mare Donna Luna (Domiro – Pointmaker) delivered a pretty bay filly with a star and two matching hind socks.  The filly has been named Belladona SDC.  Congratulations Elaine!

Congratulations to Terry Tunstall on the arrival of her second Hilltop Farm offspring.  Terry’s mare Wisp O’Wind delivered a chestnut Royal Prince filly on March 9th.  Terry described the filly as a “powerhouse.”  In February, Terry’s other mare Windswept had the first Hemmingway foal and now the Wisp O’Wind had the first Royal Prince of the season.

It’s a filly for breeder Haley Glick! Haley’s mare Denim N’Lace (Laser – Redipoint) delivered a very sweet and correct Bugatti filly on Friday morning.  She’s named the lovely filly By Design. Congratulations Haley!

The first Popeye foal of the season has arrived! Congratulations to Barbara Nelson of North Carolina on the arrival of her handsome bay Popeye colt out of her Thoroughbred mare Anotha Toughcookie (Native Regent – Salem).  Barbara plans to name the colt Popportunity SFF – what a fun name!

Robin Pike’s Arabian mare Pejczyk Bannatu delivered a pretty Riverman filly this weekend. Robin commented “We had a beautiful Riverman foal last night. She is dark bay now, but will turn grey. We are calling her Kassy and we couldn’t be more thrilled with her. She has a ton of refinement with an athletic build. She is very friendly and smart.

Congratulations to Christa Barro on the arrival of her Royal Prince filly!  Melde (First Class – Argus) delivered a flashy bay filly on Sunday.  Both mare and foal are doing great!

Congratulations to Wendell and Maryanna Haymon on the arrival of Doctor Wendell’s first foal! EM Rising Star (Rotspon – Ramiro’s Son II) delivered a flashy and very leggy colt on Saturday morning.

It’s a Qredit filly for Chris Roseberry of Charlotte’s Creek Farm.  Qalypso (Qredit x Akino/Enrico Caruso) arrived Wednesday evening. Surrogate mare Mimi aimed to prove fetal sexing isn’t always accurate, surprising everyone with a pretty filly instead of a colt. Everyone at Charlotte’s Creek is thrilled just the same – and who wouldn’t be with this flashy girl!

The first Bugatti foal of 2013 has arrived – congratulations to Lake Erie College.  The college welcomed the leggy chestnut filly to the “family” on Sunday evening.  The students and faculty are all looking forward to spending time with their newest addition.

Tijana Gurba’s Qredit colt out of Fiona (Furst Impression – Maximillian) arrived at the early hour of 3AM on Tuesday, March 5th.  The handsome colt is a bright chestnut with a star, stripe, and two tall stockings.  Congratulations!

The first Hemmingway foal arrives! Congratulations to Terry Tunstall on the arrival of the very first Hemmingway foal — a bay filly out of Terry’s mare Windswept. Terry says the filly is “very correct, gorgeous shoulder, and looks just like Hemmingway.”

It’s a colt! Pierre & Samantha St. Jacques’s Dutch mare Zsa Zsa (Prestige VDL – Weltstern) delivered a bay colt by Negro.  Samantha shared “Both are doing well. He is adorable and very sweet.” Congratulations!

The first Qredit foal of 2013 has arrived! Congratulations to Angela Mirarchi on the arrival of her Qredit colt out of her mare Wiesling (Wolkentanz-Domingo).  Angie says “he is very brave and sweet, very nice shoulder and short back.