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2017 Dressage at Devon

barnAnother Dressage at Devon is in the books for Team Hilltop.  Once again, we welcomed back King Santacruz to join Michael Bragdell in handling a number of Hilltop-sired and client-owned horses for Hilltop Farm. Thank you to Michael and King for a superb job with all the horses and to all the Hilltop staff both at home and at the show that pull this off year after year! 

This Devon brought unseasonable warm weather and sunshine – a refreshing change from the typical rainy Devon weather. We’re so pleased with the entire group of young horses we took to the show – all came home with ribbons.

  • Jamaica A (Ampere-Bugatti) – 4th in 3yr old Fillies & 3rd in USDF East Coast Filly Championship, owner/breeder Iris Aberbach
  • Danae MF (Doctor Wendell MF-Rotspon) – 1st in 3-yr old Fillies with an 89%, Filly Champion, Young Horse Champion, & Grand Champion! owner/breeder Marydell Farm
  • Kinettic (Netto-Donarweiss) – 6th in 2-yr old Fillies & 6th in the KWPN IBC with an 80%, owner Nancy Twenhafel/breeder Firemist Farm
  • Shiraz HTF (Sternlicht-Negro) – 10th in the USDF East Coast Filly Championship, owner Patricia Hovington/breeder Hilltop Farm
  • Savannah HTF (Sternlicht-Royal Prince) – 8th in the Yearling Fillies & 5th in the Hanoverian IBC, owner/breeder Hilltop Farm
  • Cheap Trick (Contucci-Wonner) – 3rd in 3-yr old Colts/Geldings & 7th in the USDF East Coast Colt/Gelding Championship, owner/breeder Nancy Musser
  • Delphenia (David Bowie MF-Wolkentanz) – 1st in Fillies of 2017, 3rd in the Devon Foal Championship, & 6th in the USDF East Coast Foal Championship, owner/breeder Angie Mirarchi
  • Qaroline HTF (Qredit-Royal Prince) – 4th in the Fillies of 2017 & Reserve Champion of USDF East Coast Foal Championship, owner/breeder Hilltop Farm
  • Rubicon HTF (Rubinero-Contucci) – 4th in the Colts of 2017 & 3rd in the USDF East Coast Foal Championship, owner/breeder Hilltop Farm
  • Saoirse (Sternlicht-Idocus) – 3rd in the Fillies of 2017 & 4th in the USDF East Coast Foal Championship, owner/breeder Barbara Curry Hogstrom
  • Sultan’s Dream (Sternlicht-Dream of Glory) – 2nd in the Colts of 2017, Reserve Champion Devon Foal Championship, 5th in the USDF East Coast Foal Championship, 3rd in the Hanoverian IBC, owner/breeder Anita Russell
  • Qurrency MDH (Qredit-Prado) – 6th in Fillies of 2017, 7th in the USDF East Coast Foal Championship, owner/breeder Susanne Manz
  • Louisville HTF (Lord Leatherdale-Negro) – 1st in the Colts of 2017 with an 81.1%, Champion of Devon Foal Championship & 8th in the USDF East Coast Foal Championship, owner/breeder Hilltop Farm
  • Sundancer BHF (Sternlicht-Renaissance) – 7th in Fillies of 2017, 10th in the USDF East Coast Foal Championship, 1st in the Hanoverian IBC with an 82.2%, owner/breeder Paula Byrum
  • Perseus (Pikko del Cerro HU-Obadiah) – 3rd in the Colts of 2017, owner/breeder Melissa Stubenberg
  • Stetson HTF (Sternlicht-Uforia) – 1st in 2yr old Colts/Geldings with an 81.4%, Champion of the USDF East Coast Colts/Geldings Championship, 6th in the Hanoverian IBC, owner/breeder Hilltop Farm
  • Don Pharrell MF (Don Principe-Rotspon) – 1st in the Yearling Colts with an 83.2%, Colt/Gelding Champion, and Reserve Champion Young Horse, owner/breeder Marydell Farm
  • Dakar MF (Don Principe-Belissimo M) – 3rd in Maiden Mares with an 81.7%, breeder by Hannes Brüning, owner Marydell Farm
  • Bugatti’s Ballerina (Bugatti-Rohdiamant) – 9th in Mares Under Saddle and 9th in the 4-yr Old Materiale, owner/breeder Beth Custalow
  • Portia (Prado-Sandro Hit), 2nd in 4 & older Broodmares and 3rd in the Devon Mare Championship, owner Susanne Manz
  • Sternlicht (Soliman de Hus-Rascalino) – 2nd in Get of Sire with an 81.45% (represented by Sultan’s Dream & Saoirse)
  • Hilltop Farm Breeders Group – 4th place (represented by Rubicon HTF & Louisville HTF)
  • Michael Bragdell was awarded the Best Handler Award by the judges.

Congratulations to all the owners and breeders of these horses. It was a super group that we were very proud to present.

Michael Bragdell also competed three horses in the Performance Division at Devon.  He showed Sternlicht in his first CDI Prix St. Georges test on Friday. They finished on a 65.746% and just out of the ribbons. At only 7, this was an early move up for Sternlicht but with Devon as our ‘home’ show, it felt like the right time. Michael also had two horses in the USEF Four-Year Old Division. Marydell Farm’s young stallion, Debonair MF, was 4th on Thursday and 3rd on Friday with scores of 7.68 & 7.7. Carol McPhee’s SenSation HW, who has only been with us since June, is showing quick progress over the summer and was 2nd both days with a 7.9 and 7.94. Well Done!

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With each step in their careers, the Riverman offspring continue to impress us with the versatile athleticism that has allowed them to succeed at the highest levels of most every discipline. Over the years we’ve seen Riverman ranked near the top the USEF Leading Sire rankings in multiple disciplines.

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2018 Stallion Book Set to Mail: The 2018 Hilltop Farm Stallion Book will be mailing after the first of the year. Breeders now have two methods of receiving this updated information, either through the Hilltop Farm website or via mail. >>>

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Riverman Foal Announcements: 07-06-2017: Congratulations to Kathy LaCroix of Aberdeen, MD on the birth of her new Riverman filly! Arriving on June 16th to her TB mare Twilight Reign, Kathy says her new foal took her time coming, 361 days before she made her grand entrance but she was well worth the wait. >>>

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