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Felicitas WF (Riverman-Laurinn)

Riv_Felicitas_TR_Romanesque_Wyatt_48DH - squareSometimes the best offspring updates we receive don’t include any show or inspection results, like this email received from Riverman breeder Emily Wyatt Baker:

“I just wanted to give an update on my 2013 Riverman filly, Felicitas WF (Riverman x Romanesque/Laurinn). We had 3 foals from 2012-2014 and she was the one I decided to keep. The past few months have been very exciting! “Clove” began a 90-day program with a professional in April. I have had her back with me for about a month, and I am in love! This is my first young horse to bring along and I feel very comfortable on her. She has a great temperament and her training is coming along very nicely. We took our first day trip to school off the farm and the new environment did not faze her at all – we even went on a trail ride!

She has an athletic, ground-covering trot and a really nice rhythmical canter. I can already feel us floating around a course. She was bred to be a jumper but she might have the movement and the brain for the hunter ring – I will let her decide when the time comes! I plan to take her to a couple local shows this fall as well as attend the Holsteiner inspections next year. I will update you guys again when we start showing!

Give Riverman a pat for me – we are so lucky to have access to such a great Holsteiner stallion here in the US.”

We frequently discuss breeding goals for each breeding when recommending stallions within the line-up and it’s very rewarding to see your goals beginning to become a reality.  Congratulations on such a lovely young horse Emily! Wishing you and Clove much success in the future.

Riverman News

Riverman & Don Principe Lead USEF Sire Rankings: The US Equestrian Leading Sire Rankings closed in mid-December and we have many exciting results to share! For the second time Marydell Farm's Don Principe was named the Dressage Breeding Sire of the Year and for the fourth time Riverman was named Eventing Sire of the Year! >>>

Under The Radar (Riverman-Bar S Tex): Congratulations to Holly Becker! Holly’s homebred mare Under The Radar (Riverman x Leprechaun’s Molly Brown/Bar S Tex), aka “Rapid,” won the Novice Level Championship at the Area XI Eventing Championships. The 6-year old mare was ridden to the first place finish by Sarah Berkowitz. Way to go Rapid! >>>

Cascade (Riverman-Argus): We just received super news from breeder Irena Coz Lucas. Cascade (Riverman x Hobby/Argus) received a 74 on her Mare Performance Test and is upgrading to the Premium Mare Book for ISR/Oldenburg. Cascade’s MPT results earned Cascade her first star in the ISR/Oldenburg Star Awards program. >>>