Hilltop Horses

Hilltop-Bred Horses

The Hilltop Farm stallions and current competition horses are just a small part of the Hilltop Farm footprint. We see Hilltop-bred horses competing in many different disciplines across the country under professional, amateur, and junior riders alike. Each Hilltop-bred horse represents multiple generations of our own breeding program and carefully considered breeding goals. We remain committed to staying connected to each Hilltop-bred horse and look forward to updates from both the show ring and at home.

 Balissa HTF

(Bugatti x Contesse/Contucci)

 Bellatesse HTF

(Bugatti x Cha Cha/Cordoba)


(Bugatti x Roxette/Rubinstein I)

 Bristol HTF

(Bugatti x Chiquita HTF/Contucci)

 Calliope HTF

(Contucci x Raj Mahal HTF/Royal Prince)


(Cabaret x Athena/Caribo)


 Cassette RLR

(Contucci x EM Roxette/Rubinstein I)

 Cavalia HTF

(Contucci x Corthena/Cor Noir)


(Cabaret x Now Voyager/Naskra)




(Cabaret x Special Occasion/Sandro)




(Cabaret x Rivita/Riverman)



 Cha Ching HTF

(Contucci x Cha-Cha/Cordoba)


(Cabaret x Lady of Excellence/Son Excellence) 



(Cabaret x Laurel/Laredo)



 Chiquita HTF

(Contucci x Cha-Cha/Cordoba)


(Contucci x Lantana/Langata Express)


(Contucci x Roxette/Rubinstein)

 Colette HTF

(Contucci x Raja HTF/Royal Prince)

 Con Dia

(Contucci x Cor Dia/Cor Noir)

 Con Dora

(Contucci x Cor Dia/Cor Noir)


(Contucci x Corthena/Cor Noir)

 Constantine HTF

(Contucci x Rivita/Riverman)


(Contucci x Corthena/Cor Noir)

 EM Contesse

(Contucci x Athena/Caribo)


(Contucci x Cor Dia/Cor Noir)

 EE Conturri

(Contucci x Komtess V/Riverman)


(Cor Noir x Lady of Excellence/Son of Excellence xx)




(Cor Noir x Athena/Caribo)




(Cor Noir x Lantana/Langata Express)




(Cor Noir x Athena III/Caribo II)

 Costello HTF

(Comic Hilltop FRH x Roxette/Rubinstein)

 Crown Jewel

(Cabaret x Lady of Excellence/Son of Excellence)




(Contucci x Corthena/Cor Noir)


(Del Piero x Lantana/Langata Express)




(Del Piero x Parlez/Parabol)



 Denver HTF

(Donarweiss x Raj Mahal/Royal Prince)


(Riverman x Florette/Festrausch)

Dylan HTF

(Donarweiss x Rivita/Riverman)


(Festrausch x New Voyager/Naskra xx)




(Festrausch x Ria D’Or/Riverman)



Foreign Affair

(Festrausch x Roxette/Rubinstein)



Holliday HTF

(Bugatti x Florette/Festrausch)


(Innkeeper x Parlez/Parabol)




(Innkeeper x Parlez/Parabol)



 Jacob’s Ladder

(VIP x Corthena/Cor Noir)



(Parabol x Corthena/Cor Noir)


(Parabol x Cantinka/Consul)


(Parabol x Capricia/Caprimond)


(Parabol x Corthena/Cor Noir)


(Parabol x Granata)

 Priya (aka Hilltop’s Tabula Rasa) 

(Parabol x Special Occasion/Sandro)

 Qennett HTF

(Qredit x Uforia/Negro)

 Qhrome HTF

(Qredit x Chiquita HTF/Contucci)

 Qindle HTF

(Qredit x Raja HTF/Royal Prince)

 Quinzy HTF

(Qredit x EM Comtesse/Cordoba)


(Riverman x Aschenputtle/Galoubet A)


(Riverman x Cor d’Elise/Cor Noir)

 EM Raj Mahal HTF

(Royal Prince x Primavera/Donnerhall)

 EM Raja HTF

(Royal Prince x Parlez/Parabol)


(Rousseau x Roxette/Rubinstein)



(Royal Prince x Corthena/Cor Noir)

Relevé HTF

(Royal Prince x Cha-Cha/Cordoba)

 Renaissance HTF 

(Royal Prince x Primavera/Donnerhall)

 Rendezvous HTF

(Regazonni x Primavera/Donnerhall)

 Rhodora HTF

(Royal Prince x Parlez/Parabol)

 Rhosalina HTF

(Royal Prince x Parlez/Parabol)

 Rhumba HTF

(Royal Prince x Conturri/Contucci)

 Ripken HTF

(Riverman x Raja/Royal Prince)

 Ripley HTF

(Royal Prince x Rivita/Riverman)


(Regazonni x Primavera/Donnerhall)


(Rousseau x Roxette/Rubinstein)


 Royal Robin

(Royal Appearance x Aschenputtle/Galoubet A)



 Savannah HTF

(Sternlicht x Raj Mahal HTF/Royal Prince)

 Shiraz HTF

(Sternlicht x Uforia/Negro)

Steinbeck HTF

(Sternlicht x Raja HTF/Royal Prince)

Stetson HTF

(Sternlicht x Uforia/Negro)


(Riverman x Cabarette/Cabaret)

Walk The Line

(Cabaret x Lady of Excellence/Son of Excellence)