Hermes’ Cristal

Photo By: Giana Teranova

Hermes’ Cristal

16.2H | 2012 | KWPN | Mare
(Bugatti x Hermès /Riverman)

Cristal is a 2012 KWPN-NA mare. She is broke to ride and was extremely easy going to start. Never marish and never spooky. Had a unfortunate bout of founder in 2016, Cristal was tested multiple times for metabolic disease and it was found she was negative each time I decided to breed her with the go ahead from my veterinarian after giving her several months recovery. Never lame since the initial diagnosis. Easy keeper with front shoes only.

Cristal has a 2018 foal by her side o/o Finery. She has been a wonderful mother to her first foal. Foal is large and well put together. I am currently selling as a broodmare, but there is potential for her to also go back to being ridden after the foal is weaned. She is open and ready to be bred this winter to the stallion of your choice. Only for sale due to downsizing. Excellent home is a must.


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