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Hilltop FarmBehind The Scenes - Hilltop Farm: American Quality

From Horse International, 2013

The dramatic view at Hilltop Farm is as beautiful as its magnificent horses, but the facility's scenic side in a relatively rural section of Maryland is just one of the many things that make it unique, the word most often used by people describing this one-of-a-kind property. Read Article...

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RivermanRiverman Mares Rock Eventing

From Warmbloods Today, November/December 2010

For many Warmblood enthusiasts, just the mnetion of the famous stallion Riverman is enough to send chills down their spines. The stunning grey Holsteiner, who currently stands at stud at Hilltop Farm in Colora, Maryland, was the Reserve Champion at his stallion licensing, and was a Verband stallion in Germany for the first part of his life. Read Article...

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Kristi Nunnink and R-StarKristi Nunnink and R-Star (Riverman)

From The Chronicle, April 16 2010

Kristi Nunnink's default expression is a smile. It doesn't matter how hard she's working, what level she's riding or how the horse under her is performing -- her mouth curls faintly upward, unforced. It may just be a coincidence of facial structure, or it may be a product of years of habit. But either way, the expression fits her, because Nunnink may very well be the happiest rider at Rolex Kentucky. At 48, she's heading to her first CCI**** with her horse of a lifetime. Read Article...

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Michael BragdellHorse Handlers: Life In The Fast Lane

From Warmbloods Today, January/February 2010

A Sport Horse Handler, whether at a show, inspection or exhibition, constantly srives for that 'magical moment' as he guides a horse in hand around the arena, often negotiating a large triangle formed from flower pots and jump poles. Together the two lift off and eat up the ground, matching stride for stride -- the horse seeming to float, to collect and extend on his own, all in perfect rhythm. The handler is as discreet as possible so that all attention focuses on the horse looking his best. Read Article...

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Dressage Today ArticleAmerican-Bred Sport Horses Are Rising To The Top

From Dressage Today, January 2010

Read stories from the breeders, riders and owners of the four best young horses in the nation.

The manicured grounds of the Lamplight Equestrian Center were superb as was the quality of the equine competitors at the 2009 Markel/United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) National Young Horse Dressage Championships and the 2009 USEF National Developling Horse Dressage Championship, sponsored by the Dutta Corporation and Performance Sales International. Read Article...

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Chris Hickey on

Chris Stafford and asked to interview Chris Hickey a few weeks ago following a clinic in Kentucky. has some wonderful programming online.  Chris had a great time with the interview and you can hear his interview now. Click here.

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Chris Hickey and Douglas HilltopHickey Debuts A New Hilltop Horse

From The Chronicle, Dec 25 2009

Chris Hickey has an exciting new international prospect in Douglas Hilltop, and together they won the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special at the Wellington Classic Holiday Challenge. Read Article...

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Dressage TodayThe Matchmaker - A Breeding Manager Tells How She Pairs stallions and Mares to Create Champion Offspring

From Dressage Today, January 2009

The phone rings at Hilltop Farm and breeding manager Natalie DiBerardinis answers. Just as she suspected, it is a mare owner looking for advice. Which stallion would be a good match for her mare, the caller asks anxiously. With scientific advances in artificial semination, the choices for a perfect partner have never been greater, but that doesn't mean the selection process is any simpler. DiBerardinis asks the owner a few questions about her mare and suggests she complete Hilltop's online questionnaire. After reading it, she and the caller will talk again to discuss the opions. Read Article...

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Chris Hickey and RegentHickey Stars At Great American / USDF Region 1 Championships

From The Chronicle, Oct 2008

Christopher Hickey will be vacationing in Italy while his mount, Regent, will be wintering in Europe following their wins in the Great American / USDF Region 1 Grand Prix Championship. They scored 66.87 percent during the Garden State Classic at the Horse Park of New Jersey in Allentown, Octo. 10-12. Read Article...

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USDF Connection ArticleTraining: More Than Just Riding Well

From USDF Connection, 2008

Some riders buy trained horses; others "make" their own. What experienced trainers have learned abou the process.

Watch a large FEI class at any dressage show. Can you identify who is competing on a sefl-trained horse? Probably not - and, in all likelihood, many are riding horses that were trained to that level by others. Read Article...

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AHS Fall 2008 ArticleDomestically-bred Hanoverians Triumph in the 2008 Markel/USEF National Young Horse Dressage Championships in Lexington, Kentucky

From AHS Fall 2008

Michael Bragdell and Selten HW Win The Four-Year-Old Division

In the second day of competition at the 2008 Markel/United Stated Equestrian Federation (USEF) National Young Horse Dressage Championships presented by Collecting Gaits Farm, claiming the title in the four-year-old diision was Michael Bragdell and Selten HW besting 19 other horses to win with a score of 8.56. Read Article...

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Cabana BoyRecipe For Top Hanoverians

From Dressage Today, Apr 2008

Wisconsin breeders work on one foal at a time. Shannon (a competitive dressage rider) and Doug Langer, DVD, (a partner of the Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital) have bred Hanoverians for 10 years at their Maple Run Farm in Helenville, Wisconsin. They arrived on the international stage when their homebred Cabana Boy represented the United States at the 2007 World Young Horse Championships. Read Article...

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Chris HickeyMaking a Horse Round

From Dressage Today, October 2007 - Ask The Experts

Q: My four year old has been under saddle for over a year now, and I would like to start getting her more round, but she is becoming heavier on the bit despite my attempts. What can I do to get her lighter on the bit and more light, round and supple overall?

A: Leaning on the reins is a common problem in green, young horses. Read Article...

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Gold for U.S. RidersGold for U.S. Riders

From Dressage Today, October 2007

There were many firsts at the dressage competition of the XV Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was the first championship to use the new Olympic format, which allows only three horses per team. It was the first time countries, such as Ecuador, sent a representative to a major international championship. And, it was a first for most of the riders who stepped onto the awards podium, because they had not ridden for their countries before. Read Article...

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Chronicle of the Horse ArticleChristopher Hickey and Regent Rule in Rio

From The Chronicle of the Horse, 2007

For years Christopher Hickey has been waiting for the opportunity to stand on the top step of a podium with the U.S. National Anthem playing in the background. "I've been around a long time and competing heavily for many years on many horses, but every time I was close to making a team for (the) Olympic Festival or Pan Am Games something would happen with me or my horse" said Hickey. Read Article...

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Equestrian Jul-Aug 2007Peters, Hickey, Barteau, Efird and Austin Gain Recognition for Their USEF National Dressage Championship Wins

From Equestrian, July-August 2007

Over a spectacular four days, June 14-17, at the Collecting Gaits Farm/USEF Festival of Champions, presented by Paul Miller Auto Group, Steffen Peters earned another national championship title, a repeat champion was crowned and the team was selected for the 2007 Pan American Games, which will take place in July in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Read Article...

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Equestrian ArticleChristopher Hickey

From Equestrian, 2007

Words imparted to Christopher Hickey by his mother when he was a child still resonate when he enters at letter "A". "Just because you've won a few classes, don't think you're going to win the whole thing." Read Article...

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Beyond A Beauty Contest - The Judging of Dressage Sport-horse Prospects Is More Than Skin Deep

From USDF Connection, November 2006

You spent years studying and researching bloodlines in order to select the most talented and complimentary warmblood stallion to breed to your competitively successful dressage mare. Read Article...

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Chris HickeyHickey Wins Lindgren Scholarship

From USDF Connection, April 2004

USDF Fourth Level Certified instructor Christopher Hickey of Westhampton, MA has been awarded The Dressage Foundation's (TDF) 2003 Major Anders Lindgren Scholarship. The $6,000 scholarship is presented annually to an American dressage instructor for use in stuying abroad. Hickey plans to train with Olympic, World and European Champion Ulla Salzgeber in Germany for four to five months. Read Article...

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