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Mare Management

The Mare Management Program covers all aspects of the breeding process, from insemination to weaning.  Mares live out in large pastures 24/7, with large sheds and individual feeding.  They receive daily checking over and weekly grooming.  We have a wonderful reproduction veterinarian we have worked with for many years, Dr. John Weaver, who oversees each mare’s breeding. We have a very experienced team of people on hand for foaling out.  As mares near the end of their gestation they begin coming in overnight to generously sized stalls and are under 24 hour watch.  Once the foal arrives mares and foals begin turnout in individual grass paddocks when they are both physically ready and once settled in outdoor turnout they begin group turnout with other mares and foals.  This process is normally done over the first few weeks of their lives and then they begin 24/7 turnout.

Our Mare Management Program ties uniquely in with our Raising Program and is a wonderful solution for those looking for a safe, well-staffed environment to handle the breeding and/or foaling out of their mare. Hilltop offers Short-Term and Long-Term Programs. 

Short-Term Management includes care for your mare from breeding to her 30 day pregnancy check.  This check would be the final required check for Short-Term Management although mares are welcome to stay through their 60 or 90 day pregnancy checks if desired.

Long-Term Management is for those who wish to leave their mares in our care year-round. Many of the mares currently residing at Hilltop Farm have been with us through multiple pregnancies and deliveries.

Foaling Services are available on a limited basis each year.  This option is designed primarily for mares in Long-Term Management, although shorter term options are available on a very limited basis.  Typically mares come for foaling through weaning and then return home.  Foals out of these mares have the option of joining the Raising Program or also leaving after weaning.  Flexibility on short-term options depends on space. It is required that mares arrive for Foaling Services at least a month ahead of their estimated due date.

Cha ChaRaja and RipkenPriority in all aspects of Mare Management is given to mares being bred to or currently in foal to stallions in Hilltop’s lineup.  We do accept mares being bred to outside stallions if space allows.  Breeding with both fresh cooled and frozen semen is available.


2014 Availability

We are full for Long-Term Mare Management and Short-Term Mare Management for 2014. Please email Melissa Burke if you would like to be added to the wait list.





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