Photo By: Alix Coleman
Photo By: Rebecca Splan

16.3h | 1993 | Hanoverian Stallion

Caprimond – Lungau – Akzent II

Contucci has long been one of the stars of the Hilltop Farm stallion line-up.  His own early talent was showcased when he commandingly won the dressage phase of his 100-day test with a score of 147.11 and finished as a Class 1 stallion with an overall 127.60.  Contucci earned six 9’s throughout the testing for character, willingness to work, rideability, and his trot and canter. He then successfully showed in Germany, including winning a 1997 Bundeschampionat qualifier with 9.2 out of 10 possible points.  This elegant, young son of the Trakehner stallion Caprimond was clearly a standout and was chosen as a new headliner for Hilltop Farm in 1998.

Caprimond, sire of Contucci and the popular Hohenstein, was Champion of his 100-day test, earned Elite status in 1995, and in 1998 was named Trakehner Stallion of the Year.  By the very early age of seven, Caprimond was successfully competing in FEI dressage competitions and he progressed quickly to a very successful Grand Prix career.  His excellent character allowed him to serve as a schoolmaster for a young Theresa Wahler and he brought her successfully up to the FEI levels. The Hanoverian Yearbook of Stallions has ranked Caprimond #1 in the breeding values for type and conformation for many years.  In the 2012 rankings he was awarded the very high breeding values of 175 for typiness, 122 for limbs, and 144 points for dressage qualities. His offspring continue to be in high demand and he is universally looked to for creating offspring with excellent rideability.

Contucci’s dam Laureen received 9’s on all her gaits at her Mare Performance Testing and an overall score of 8.1.  Laureen is by the Celle stallion Lungau who is well known for his dressage ability, his consistency as a sire, and the versatility of his offspring. Akzent II brings even further depth to Contucci’s gene pool. Capricia, a full-sister to Contucci, was the 2001 Grand Champion of Dressage at Devon and was an FEI Dressage competitor under Jane Hannigan.

Under Hilltop’s ownership, Contucci was only lightly shown given his breeding demands and the focus of the farm during that time.  However, he developed in his daily training into an FEI-level horse whose generous nature, willingness to work, and freedom of movement highlighted his daily work sessions.  Now we are enjoying those same magnificent qualities in his offspring and they reinforce for us daily the importance of Contucci as a sire.

Contucci has validated our confidence in him with over 80 Premium offspring, annual Inspection Site Champions, numerous Elite and Premium mares, and four Licensed sons.  Breed inspectors comment on the consistency they see in the Contucci offspring and note that he is a stallion that really stamps his offspring.

The show ring results of Contucci’s offspring have been even more impressive.  Rideability and trainability are qualities all riders appreciate. Contucci offspring have shown great success in eventing including El Cid (ds. Mahon), winner of the American Eventing Championships at Preliminary Level in both 2009 and 2010.  Contucci gelding Consensus (ds. Count Brook xx) finished 2nd in his first CIC** event in 2013 and quickly moved up to the CIC*** level with top placings later that season.  In 2014, Consensus successfully completed the Rolex Three-Day Event.

Yet not surprisingly, it is in the dressage ring that Contucci’s offspring dominate.  He has sired three Reserve Grand Champions of Dressage at Devon and the charming Chiquita HTF (ds. Cordoba) was the inaugural Foal Champion, Champion Filly, and USDF/GAIG Reserve Champion Filly of Dressage at Devon 2008.   Her full brother, Cha Ching HTF, followed her success closely in 2011 when he won the Colts of 2011, the USDF/GAIG East Coast Foal Final, and the Devon Foal Championship.  In 2005 the USEF named Contucci the Dressage Breeding Sire of the Year based on his offspring’s dressage breed show results.  In 2009 Contucci was named the USEF Dressage Sire of the Year based on his offspring competing from Training Level through FEI.

From 2006 through 2009, a Contucci offspring won the USEF Young Horse/Developing Horse National Championships.  Hilltop Farm’s Cabana Boy was one of those Young Horse standouts.  Bred by Doug & Shannon Langer and owned by Hilltop Farm, Cabana Boy (ds. Bordeaux) was the 2004 Reserve Grand Champion of Dressage at Devon, represented the US at the 2007 FEI World Breeding Championships for Young Horses, and won three consecutive National Championships.  At only 7 yrs old, he was winning at Prix St. Georges and Intermediaire I and was schooling all of the Grand Prix work.  Contucci has sired multiple USDF Regional Finals Champions and USDF All-Breeds Awards winners. Calimar (ds. Martini) was the 2011 USDF Horse of the Year Prix St. Georges and 2012 USDF Region 9 FEI Intermediaire I Open Freestyle Champion.

In 2013, Con Dia (ds. Cor Noir) competed in the inaugural USDF National Championships to bring home the Fourth Level Adult Amateur Championship. Caruso (ds. World Cup) was winner of the 2012 Region 6 Grand Prix Open Championships and now competes with a young adult in the Brentina Cup. Contucci has numerous other FEI competitors to his credit including Calimar, Chasing Wonder, Cash Advance, and Carmel Crème.

Professionals as well as Adult Amateurs and Junior/Young Riders are searching out Contucci offspring for their winning gaits and easy rideability. An excellent choice for breeders looking to improve the neck, topline, and freedom in the shoulder, Contucci also offers rideability, modern type, light movement and a natural balance.  He’s a stallion that offers height without heaviness and has a forward yet sensible nature and engaging personality.

Video & Pedigree

Hilltop Farm
Klaus Storbeck
Caprimond Karon Arogno
Capri VI Mackensen
Laureen Lungau Lugano II
Adine Akzent II

Career Highlights

Performance Test:

127.60 Total/147.11 Dressage/81.12 Jumping
Earned 9’s for Character, Trot and Canter, and achieved Class I status

Approved AHS, ISR/OldNA, & Rhineland
Approved but not currently activated GOV, RPSI, WEST, & CWHBA

While we as breeders must always be looking towards new bloodlines and trends, we must also be careful not to bypass the older, proven stallions that may complement our mares best and provide us with security in our breeding choices. Contucci is one of those stallions that we can consistently rely upon.”

Natalie DiBerardinis, Hilltop Farm's Breeding Manager

4 Star Stallion with ISR/OldenburgNA
2009: USEF Dressage Sire of the Year
2005: USEF Dressage Breeding Sire of the Year
1996: Winner of the dressage phase of his 100-Day Test with a 147.11; six scores of 9

Breeding Information

Stud Fee:

$1200 1-Year Cooled Semen OR
$1200 2-Year Frozen Semen
EVA Negative


Cooled Semen available April 1st – June 30th.  Frozen semen may be shipped year-round.

REMINDER: The SBS lab is closed and stallions will not be collected on Easter Sunday, Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend, July 4th, and July 27th

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Canadian Breeders Shipping from Moore Equine

To help our Canadian breeders save on shipping expenses and the hassle of getting an import permit, Hilltop Farm ships a limited amount of frozen semen to Moore Equine in Calgary, Alberta at the start of each breeding season for distribution within Canada. We will ship four doses of frozen semen to Moore Equine for each contract booked prior to this group shipment. Doses will be distributed at a max of two doses per cycle. If a mare is not confirmed in foal after utilizing those doses, it would be necessary for the mare owner to follow our typical import procedure to obtain semen for any additional breeding cycles. All shipment requests for semen in Canada will still be sent to Hilltop Farm and follow Hilltop’s standard notification schedule. For more information on deadlines to be included in the group shipment to Canada or to inquire about frozen semen already located in Canada contact Brittany.

Mare Management Reminders

At Hilltop Farm we want to work closely with you and your veterinarian to ensure a successful breeding season and are available for questions at any time. The following information includes some basic suggestions as well as reminders on a few requirements for your breeding contract.

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A Breeding Soundness Exam including a uterine culture is recommended, but not required, for all mares prior to breeding. If a mare fails to settle after two breeding cycles, Hilltop Farm will require a culture and cytology to be done at that time prior to any additional shipments of semen. We always recommend your vet checking your mare post-breeding to confirm ovulation. If a mare hangs on to a follicle longer than expected, it can be less expensive to ship additional semen than it would be to breed a second complete cycle. Getting your mare settled in foal is just the beginning. We recommend multiple pregnancy checks to help prevent cases of twins, misdiagnosed pregnancies, or lost time in the breeding season. The following schedule is what we recommend; only the first and fourth checks however are required by your breeding contract.
  • 1st check (Required): 14-16 days post ovulation - optimum time for vet to pinch off a twin if more than a single ovulation is noted.
  • 2nd check (Recommended): 28 days post ovulation – to confirm a viable pregnancy as the heartbeat normally appears by day 25.
  • 3rd check (Recommended): 35-40 days post ovulation – to confirm maintained pregnancy prior to endometrial cup formation. Mares that slip foals early may not come back into heat.
  • 4th check (Required): 55-60 days post ovulation – final confirmation of pregnancy in its critical first trimester.
Following your mare’s 55-60 day pregnancy check, please have your vet finish completing the Mare Breeding Passport and return it to Hilltop Farm by September 15th. This Passport is used in all stallion reports to various breed registries and is used to generate a Breeding Certificate so that you can register your foal.

Registration Information

Your mare’s registration and approval play just as important of a role as the stallion’s approvals when determining registration options for your foal. Please keep in mind that in order to register your foal with a specific association, your mare may first need to be presented to that registry for approval. In addition to the registries a stallion is approved with, there may be additional registration options based on your mare’s eligibility and the stallion’s credentials. If you are confused at all on registration options for a potential foal, please speak with Hilltop Farm and your breed registry PRIOR to booking your breeding.

Contucci's Approvals

Approved AHS, ISR/OldenburgNA, GOV

Approved but not currently activated with RPSI & CWHBA

Additional Registration Possibilities

The following are additional registries with which you may be able to register your offspring. Please contact Hilltop Farm and the Registry directly to discuss your specific mare and requirements.

Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association (CWHBA): Contucci has been approved with the CWHBA, but is not currently activated with them.

Dutch Warmblood Studbook in North America (KWPN-NA): Offspring out of KWPN mares and by stallions approved with an Erkend Studbook (including Contucci) are eligible for Register A papers.

Swedish Warmblood Association of North America (SWANA): Contucci offspring out of SWANA mares are eligible for full registration.

Westphalian Horse Association: Any Westphalian papered and branded mare bred to a Lifetime Licensed and Approved German warmblood stallion (including Contucci) may register her foal Westphalian.

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Contucci News

Cascata KC (Contucci-Riverman): Cascata KC (Contucci x Cascade/Riverman) was entered into the Premium Mare Book with ISR/Oldenburg and received a 73 on her MPT, thereby receiving her first star in the ISR/Oldenburg Star Awards program. Congratulations to owner/breeder Irena Koz Lucas! >>>

Cadre Noir (Contucci-Uncle Abbie xx): Congratulations to owner/breeder Kelly McDaniel on the inspection results of her Contucci colt! Cadre Noir (Contucci x Closet Rumors/Uncle Abbie xx) was named the Top Dressage Colt of the Bona B Ranch AHS inspection earlier this month. >>>

Capone (Contucci-Banter): It’s always great to see a new partnership start off their show career so successfully! Danielle Chambers and the Oldenburg Farm’s bred Contucci gelding Capone (Contucci x Beguiled/Banter) did just that. >>>



Cabana Boy

(Contucci x Britania/Bordeaux)

Chasing Wonder

(Contucci x Dixie Wonder/Diwan)

BW Callista

(Contucci x Ariane/A Jungle Prince)

EMC Crescende

(Contucci x Romance/Rio Grande)