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USEF Leading Sire Rankings

Each year we look forward to the release of the finalized USEF Leading Sire Rankings.  It is an excellent resource for US stallion owners, breeders, riders, and trainers alike; with just a few clicks you have access to which stallions had offspring competing in 2014, the offspring’s results, and owner, breeder, and bloodline information.  With over 1000 sires listed on the dressage ranking list alone, it is truly exciting to see many Hilltop Farm stallions ranked in the top 25 of any of the rankings and even more special to see some of the stallions appearing in multiple ranking lists.

Dressage Breeding Sire Ranking List

2nd           Royal Prince
3rd           Ampère
4th           Don Principe
7th           Bugatti
17th         Contucci
19th         Qredit
24th         Doctor Wendell MF

Dressage Sire Ranking List

12th         Contucci
14th         Royal Prince
15th         Bugatti
22nd        Don Principe

Eventing Sire Ranking List

6th           Riverman
7th           Ramiro B
18th         Quite Easy
24th         Don Principe

Half-Arabian Sire Ranking List

19th         Contucci

Hunter Breeding Sire Ranking List

16th         Royal Prince
28th         Riverman

Hunter Sire Ranking List

15th         Quite Easy
17th         Riverman
26th         Contucci

Jumper Sire Ranking List

36th         Riverman

Thank you to all the owners who are out competing with their offspring that contributed towards these rankings.  With the 2015 show season already under way, we’re excited to see offspring by all of the stallions out competing.  It is rewarding to not only see the results of the stallion’s offspring listed but to receive so many email updates throughout the season sharing these results.  We always look forward to hearing from the owners, breeders, and riders of the stallion’s offspring and hope you all continue to keep in touch.

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It is with a broken heart that we share the news of Royal Prince’s passing this week. Late in the afternoon of January 20th Royal Prince presented an acute colic and was immediately taken to New Bolton Center. Unfortunately due to complications discovered during surgery, the only humane choice was to euthanize him.

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The manicured grounds of the Lamplight Equestrian Center were superb as was the quality of the equine competitors at the 2009 Markel/United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) National Young Horse Dressage Championships and the 2009 USEF National Developing Horse Dressage Championship, sponsored by the Dutta Corporation and Performance Sales International.

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A Sport Horse Handler, whether at a show, inspection or exhibition, constantly strives for that 'magical moment' as he guides a horse in hand around the arena, often negotiating a large triangle formed from flower pots and jump poles. Together the two lift off and eat up the ground, matching stride for stride -- the horse seeming to float, to collect and extend on his own, all in perfect rhythm. The handler is as discreet as possible so that all attention focuses on the horse looking his best.

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Recent News

2017 ISR/OldenburgNA Inspection: Our ISR/Oldenburg Inspection is at a close. Two fun-filled days catching up with so many friends and breeders we get to see every year. One stallion was licensed - Marydell Farm's Debonair MF (Doctor Wendell MF-Rotspon). >>>

Blue Goose Dressage: was perfect horse show weather at Blue Goose Dressage III on Wednesday. Both Jess and Michael took a few horses for final qualifiers for Regionals. >>>

ISR/Oldenburg Inspection Schedule: We're looking forward to hosting the ISR/Oldenburg Inspection on August 11-12 at Hilltop Farm! Check out the schedule here. >>>

Foal Announcements

Riverman Foal Announcements: 07-06-2017: Congratulations to Kathy LaCroix of Aberdeen, MD on the birth of her new Riverman filly! Arriving on June 16th to her TB mare Twilight Reign, Kathy says her new foal took her time coming, 361 days before she made her grand entrance but she was well worth the wait. >>>

Vallado Foal Announcements: 06-06-17: Congratulations to Eric Taddeo of Warwick, NY on the arrival of his new Vallado foal, born to his mare Star in the month of May! >>>

Donarweiss Foal Announcements: 07-25-16: Michelle James of Airdrie, AB is thrilled to announce the arrival of her new Donarweiss filly! Daydream arrived to Michelle’s CWBHA mare Twice Gold on May 13th and Michelle says she is absolutely stunning and will be calling her Dreamy for short. Congratulations! >>>