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2017 AHS/ARS Inspection

We had a fantastic inspection this past week with an overwhelming super quality in the foals. The event started however with two stallions being accepted for AHS/ARS. The 4-year old Debonair MF (Doctor Wendell MF-Sandro Hit) owned/bred by Marydell Farm and the 15-year old Lord Luciano (Enrico Caruso-Unkenruf) owned/bred by Debra Tyler both impressed the stallion committee and are exciting additions for US breeders!  Comments for Debonair MF included ‘very good impression with stallion presence, we like his rideability, the walk is a highlight as is the canter – very impressive and already showing a talent to collect.’  Comments for Lord Luciano included ‘we like to use Trakehner in our breeding, this stallion had a very successful sport career to Grand Prix in Germany, his gaits and attitude are very good, gave a very good impression as he started to move.’

Eight Hanoverian mares were accepted into the Main Studbook for AHS & ARS with Viva’s Diamond W (Viva Voltaire-Futurist) being the High-Score Hanoverian Mare & the Mare Performance Test Champion. Viva’s Diamond W is owned by Anne Cumpstone and was bred by Augustin & Christine Walch. Additional approved mares include: Bijou DJS (Bugatti-Davignport) owned/bred by Deanna Mann Wilkinson, Ramora CF (Royal Prince-Davignon) owned/bred by Kimberly Kobryn-Callaway, Bugatti’s Ballerina (Bugatti-Rohdiamant) owned/bred by Beth Custalow, Salome B (San Amour-Rotspon) owned by Sarah Daehnert & Hannah Salazar and bred by Dieter Buhrig, Noor (Negro-Festrausch) owned by Rebecca Langworst Barlow and bred by Kathy Jackson, Quinzy HTF (Qredit-Cordoba) owned/bred by Hilltop Farm, and Beretta LJS (Bugatti-Ferro) owned by Jodi Boyko and bred by Lazy J Sporthorses.

We finished out Sunday with the Futurity for Yearlings & Two-Year Olds.  Class winners were Starlet (Sternlicht-Festrausch) owned by Kathy Jackson & Rebecca Langworst-Barlow and bred by Kathy Jackson, Savannah HTF (Sternlicht-Royal Prince) owned/bred by Hilltop Farm, Stetson HTF (Sternlicht-Negro) owned/bred by Hilltop Farm, and Victory Gold (Vallado-Glorioso Noir) owned/bred by Jennifer Schwartz.

Five Non-Hanoveran mares were presented and accepted for both AHS and ARS. High-score Non-Hanoverian mare wasChristie Davis’ 11-year old Thoroughbred mare Jacob’s Deputy (Iron Deputy-Baederwood), bred by Stanley Scheinberg. This tall, elegant mare earned an overall 7.66 and multiple scores of 8.  Additional mares approved include: Dharma (Idocus-Zeoliet) owned by Barb Hogstrom and bred by Brenda Bass, Telula (De Laurentis-Tantris) owned by Lazy J Sporthorses and bred by Jessie Olmstead, and Wishful Thinking (Weltbekannt-Duellglanz) owned by Susan Mende and bred by Susan Granville.

A total of 23 foals were presented and sires represented include: Sinatra Song, Valentino, Werbellin, Sternlicht, Donavan, Sir Gregory, Qredit, Pikko del Cerro HU, Ampère, Franzikus, Florianus II, Rubinero, Checkmate, Don Principe, Negro, Belissimo M, and First Dance.  Dr. Werner Schade and George Walker pulled a number of foals into the final rings. The colts called back were: Rubicon HTF (Rubinero-Contucci) bred by Hilltop Farm, Fanfare EMF (Franziskus-Roi du Soleil) bred by Kris Schuler, Aramingo (Ampère-Rotspon) bred by Robert Jackson, and Louisville HTF (Lord Leatherdale-Negro) bred by Hilltop Farm. On the colts they commented that they were especially happy with the movement of all of them, including the engagement behind. Top Colt of the day was Kris Wilhelm Schuler’s Fanfare EMF.

The top filly group also showed outstanding quality overall.  The fillies called back were: Coco Chanel (Valentino-Aptitude xx) bred by Arden Farm, Saoirse (Sternlicht-Idocus) bred by Barb Hogstrom, Fabienne QC (Franziskus-Royal Classic) bred by Quinnten Alston & Jonathan Clark, Sundancer BHF (Sternlicht-Renaissance) bred by Paula Byrum, Qaroline HTF (Qredit-Royal Prince) bred by Hilltop Farm, and Belmiraj HTF (Belissimo M-Royal Prince) bred by Hilltop Farm and owned by Patricia Hovington.  Dr. Schade commented for the audience to look at the top group as a whole – all excellent quality and comparable to the best he sees in Germany. Top Filly of the day was Quinnten Alston & Jonathan Clark’s Fabienne QC. A special thanks to Brendan Curtis for coming to help Michael handle throughout the inspection.  Your patience with the foals is so appreciated.  Thank you to all the judges, participants, and spectators for attending and congratulations to all the breeders!

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With each step in their careers, the Riverman offspring continue to impress us with the versatile athleticism that has allowed them to succeed at the highest levels of most every discipline. Over the years we’ve seen Riverman ranked near the top the USEF Leading Sire rankings in multiple disciplines.

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Riverman Foal Announcements: 07-06-2017: Congratulations to Kathy LaCroix of Aberdeen, MD on the birth of her new Riverman filly! Arriving on June 16th to her TB mare Twilight Reign, Kathy says her new foal took her time coming, 361 days before she made her grand entrance but she was well worth the wait. >>>

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Donarweiss Foal Announcements: 07-25-16: Michelle James of Airdrie, AB is thrilled to announce the arrival of her new Donarweiss filly! Daydream arrived to Michelle’s CWBHA mare Twice Gold on May 13th and Michelle says she is absolutely stunning and will be calling her Dreamy for short. Congratulations! >>>