2017 News

2017 Breeder Rewards

There is no greater testament to a stallion than the quality and success of their offspring. Each year we look forward to seeing the stallion’s offspring out showing successfully. The Hilltop Farm Breeder Reward Program allows us to reward the breeders and owners of horses bred through Hilltop Farm who achieve competitive success through Rewards Certificates that can be applied towards a future breeding. From the 2017 show season, we’re excited to see so many offspring earning top results across the country. This past year, a few breeders have multiple horses earning top results, a wonderful acknowledgement to the quality of US breeding programs. For results during the 2017 show season, a combination of 34 breeders and owners earned $14,200 in breeder rewards credits. For more information on the Breeder Rewards programs click here.

2017 Breeder Rewards Winners:

Bella Notte (Bugatti x Tenacity/Ulft), Owner: Carrie Wilson, Breeder: Darla d’Agay
                USDF Region 2 Open Third Level Reserve Champion

Bingotti (Bugatti x Wolkenfee/Krack C), Owner/Breeder: Kathy Swalwell
                USDF Region 2 Open Second Level Reserve Champion

Brighten (Bugatti x Tahlia/Troubadour), Owner/Breeder: Sue Bebrich
                 ISR/Oldenburg All-Breeds Awards Open Training Level Reserve Champion

Cecelia (Contucci x Berimba/Banter), Owner: Delight Willing, Breeder: George & Catherine Walker
                USDF Region 6 AA Intermediate Champion

Dahlia ACE (Don Principe x Berglicht BO/Bergkristall), Owner: Lyn Davis, Breeder: Gina Fisk
                AHS All-Breeds Awards AA Fourth Level Reserve Champion
                AHS All-Breeds Awards Open Fourth Level Reserve Champion

Dakar MF (Don Principe x Brisbane), Owner/Breeder: Maryanna Haymon
                USDF 4-Year Old & Older Yeld Mare Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Horse of the Year

Danae MF (Doctor Wendell x Rising Star/Rotspon), Owner/Breeder: Maryanna Haymon
                USDF 3-Year Old Fillies Materiale Horse of the Year

Delta (Don Principe x Really Rose/Ruffian), Owner/Breeder: Kristin DeLuca
                ISR/Oldenburg All-Breeds Awards 3-Year Old Fillies Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Champion

Dhouble Scoop (Don Principe x Senorita/Lancet), Owner: Ellen Kettler, Breeder: Maurine Swanson
                GOV All-Breeds Awards AA Second Level Reserve Champion

Diamonds Forever (Donarweiss x Whizzo/White Magic), Owner: Peter Foley, Breeder: Melissa Stubenberg
                USHJA Zone 3 Young Hunter 3’ Horse of the Year

Dresden’s Holiday (Don Principe x Dreamer’s Holiday/Manchester), Owner: Lisa Otto, Breeder: Leslie Heintzberger
                USHJA Zone 4 Green Hunter 3’ Reserve Champion Horse of the Year
                USHJA Zone 4 Green Hunter 3’ Reserve Champion Horse of the Year

Femke Zarma TF (Contucci x Allure S/Rousseau), Owner: Jane Lineberry, Breeder: Kerrin Dunn
                KWPN-NA All-Breeds Awards Third Level Musical Freestyle
                US Dressage Finals Third Level Freestyle Champion

Garrett (Bugatti x Tenacity/Ulft), Owner: Kristina Harrison, Breeder: Darla d’Agay
                KWPN-NA All-Breeds Awards FEI 6-Year Olds

Got Rhythum (Negro x Prima Donna/Donnerhall), Owner/Breeder: Cecelia Stewart
                USDF Region 1 Open First Level Champion
                USDF Region 1 Open Second Level Reserve Champion

Kinettic (Netto x Donarsagan/Donarweiss), Owner: Nancy Twenhafel, Breeder: Michelle Roberts
                KWPN-NA All-Breeds Awards 2-Year Old Fillies Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Reserve Champion

Qismet (Qredit x Skattered Dreams/Dream in Gold xx), Owner: Lori Johnston, Breeder: Signature Sporthorses, LLC.
                USHJA Zone 2 Hunter Breeding Yearling Reserve Champion Horse of the Year

Quantico (Quite Easy x Little Black/Rockamundo), Owner: Coti Hausman, Breeder: Elizabeth Callahan
                American Eventing Championships Preliminary Level Rider Champion

Pik Alom (Pikko del  Cerro x Benvolia GES/ Blue Eyed Dream), Owner/Breeder: Sharon Soos
                RPSI All-Breeds Awards 2-Year Old Colts/Gelding Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Champion
                USDF Breeders Series Rocky Mountain Colt Champion

Poetic Justis (Parabol x Abundance/Adroit), Owner: Brooke Cole, Breeder: George & Catherine Walker
                USHJA Zone 3 Adult Amateur Hunter 50+ Horse of the Year

Randonnee (Riverman x Erin IV), Owner/Breeder: Elizabeth Coffee-Curle
                USDF Region 7 Jr/YR Third Level Reserve Champion

River Run Roscoe (Riverman x Daddy’s Image/Cosmos), Owner: Jennifer Mutchler, Breeder: Beverly Dudley
                AHHA All-Breeds Awards Open Grand Prix Champion

Rohmeo (Royal Prince x Lady Rubina/Lord Liberty G), Owner/Breeder: Carol DiMaggio
                GOV All-Breeds Awards 4-Year Old & Older Stallion Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Champion
                USDF Region 7 Open First Level Reserve Champion
                USDF West Coast Breeders Series Stallion Champion

Sophia (Sternlicht x Call Me Cara xx/ Believe the Queen xx), Owner/Breeder: Rebecca Lewison
                USDF Breeders Series North Central Filly Reserve Champion

Viking (Contucci x Amarantha), Owner: Raquel Powers, Breeder: Jennifer Holmes
                USDF Vintage Cup Intermediate II Open Champion

Congratulations to all of our winners! To claim your rewards certificate, please contact Brittany (breeding@hilltopfarminc.com or 410-658-9898 ext 120).  If you suspect your horse may be eligible for a rewards certificate but is not listed above, please contact our office.  We don’t want to miss the chance to share your horses’ accomplishments!

Riverman & Don Principe Lead USEF Sire Rankings

princeandtrophysmThe US Equestrian Leading Sire Rankings closed in mid-December and we have many exciting results to share! For the second time Marydell Farm’s Don Principe was named the Dressage Breeding Sire of the Year and for the fourth time Riverman was named Eventing Sire of the Year! Haras de Brullemail’s stallion Quite Easy is 9th for both the Jumper & Eventing Sire lists and ranks 11th on the Hunter Sire standings. Sternlicht was 2nd, Qredit 5th, and Horses Unlimited’s Pikko del Cerro was 6th for the Dressage Breeding Sire awards behind Don Principe. On the Dressage Sire List, Negro is 7th, Contucci 8th, and Olivi 10th. Royal Prince, Lord Leatherdale, Bugatti, Painted Black, and Don Principe are all in the Top 25 standings as well.

The US Equestrian Sire Rankings are based on points accumulated by offspring that are recorded with the USEF and whose owners are members of USEF.  While it doesn’t account for all horses showing, it does give us the best data available on parentage verified horses that are actively competing and can be one helpful tool for all breeders evaluating offspring results.

Qredit & Sternlicht Chosen for USEF Development Program

Susan J. Stickle

Susan J. Stickle

It’s official and we’re thrilled to share the exciting news that Michael Bragdell has been selected for the Development Program with both Qredit – Oldenburg Stallion and Sternlicht! The Aim of the Development Program is to provide strategic guidance and resources to selected athletes with the perceived ability to make the Podium or contribute to Podium scores, within the following two quadrennials. This program is overseen by the USEF Development Coach with the assistance of the USEF Dressage Youth and Young Horse Coaches as well as the USEF Dressage Technical Advisor. These two US-bred stallions continue to thrill us with their development and we’re looking forward to more milestones this coming year.





Qredit Wins US Dressage Finals

Susan J. Stickle

Susan J. Stickle

Congratulations Qredit & Michael! What a way to end the season.  Michael decided to only take one horse to Nationals in Kentucky this year, but it was a perfect trip.  The KY Horse Park is a fantastic venue and the US Dressage Finals staff and volunteers have perfected this show.  Qredit didn’t mind traveling solo and confidently won the Open Intermediate II Championship with a 71.535%.  Strong scores and very promising comments from the judges.  Thanks especially to Morten Thomsen for his continued support of Michael and Qredit in their development.  A perfect end to a wonderful season!

USDF 2017 Year-End Awards

Photo by Stacy Lynne

Photo by Stacy Lynne

Congratulations to Michael Bragdell on an outstanding year.

  • Qredit Hilltop: Reserve Champion USDF HOY Intermediate II & 1st place All-Breeds (GOV)
  • Sternlicht Hilltop: 2nd place All-Breeds (AHS) Prix St. Georges & 16th in USDF HOY standings
  • Stetson HTF: 3rd place USDF DSHB HOY standings for 2-Year Old Colts/Geldings
  • Feuerbach: 4th place USDF All-Breeds (Westfalen) Intermediate I, owned by Kaja Brix
  • SenSation HW: Reserve Champion USEF Four-Year Old division & 1st place USDF All-Breeds (Westfalen) USEF 4-Year Olds, owned by Carol McPhee
  • Debonair MF: 9th place USEF Four-Year Old division, owned by Marydell Farm
  • Finery: 4th place FEI Six-Year Old division & 1st place All-Breeds (GOV), owned by Anne Howard

2017 Dressage at Devon

barnAnother Dressage at Devon is in the books for Team Hilltop.  Once again, we welcomed back King Santacruz to join Michael Bragdell in handling a number of Hilltop-sired and client-owned horses for Hilltop Farm. Thank you to Michael and King for a superb job with all the horses and to all the Hilltop staff both at home and at the show that pull this off year after year! 

This Devon brought unseasonable warm weather and sunshine – a refreshing change from the typical rainy Devon weather. We’re so pleased with the entire group of young horses we took to the show – all came home with ribbons.

  • Jamaica A (Ampere-Bugatti) – 4th in 3yr old Fillies & 3rd in USDF East Coast Filly Championship, owner/breeder Iris Aberbach
  • Danae MF (Doctor Wendell MF-Rotspon) – 1st in 3-yr old Fillies with an 89%, Filly Champion, Young Horse Champion, & Grand Champion! owner/breeder Marydell Farm
  • Kinettic (Netto-Donarweiss) – 6th in 2-yr old Fillies & 6th in the KWPN IBC with an 80%, owner Nancy Twenhafel/breeder Firemist Farm
  • Shiraz HTF (Sternlicht-Negro) – 10th in the USDF East Coast Filly Championship, owner Patricia Hovington/breeder Hilltop Farm
  • Savannah HTF (Sternlicht-Royal Prince) – 8th in the Yearling Fillies & 5th in the Hanoverian IBC, owner/breeder Hilltop Farm
  • Cheap Trick (Contucci-Wonner) – 3rd in 3-yr old Colts/Geldings & 7th in the USDF East Coast Colt/Gelding Championship, owner/breeder Nancy Musser
  • Delphenia (David Bowie MF-Wolkentanz) – 1st in Fillies of 2017, 3rd in the Devon Foal Championship, & 6th in the USDF East Coast Foal Championship, owner/breeder Angie Mirarchi
  • Qaroline HTF (Qredit-Royal Prince) – 4th in the Fillies of 2017 & Reserve Champion of USDF East Coast Foal Championship, owner/breeder Hilltop Farm
  • Rubicon HTF (Rubinero-Contucci) – 4th in the Colts of 2017 & 3rd in the USDF East Coast Foal Championship, owner/breeder Hilltop Farm
  • Saoirse (Sternlicht-Idocus) – 3rd in the Fillies of 2017 & 4th in the USDF East Coast Foal Championship, owner/breeder Barbara Curry Hogstrom
  • Sultan’s Dream (Sternlicht-Dream of Glory) – 2nd in the Colts of 2017, Reserve Champion Devon Foal Championship, 5th in the USDF East Coast Foal Championship, 3rd in the Hanoverian IBC, owner/breeder Anita Russell
  • Qurrency MDH (Qredit-Prado) – 6th in Fillies of 2017, 7th in the USDF East Coast Foal Championship, owner/breeder Susanne Manz
  • Louisville HTF (Lord Leatherdale-Negro) – 1st in the Colts of 2017 with an 81.1%, Champion of Devon Foal Championship & 8th in the USDF East Coast Foal Championship, owner/breeder Hilltop Farm
  • Sundancer BHF (Sternlicht-Renaissance) – 7th in Fillies of 2017, 10th in the USDF East Coast Foal Championship, 1st in the Hanoverian IBC with an 82.2%, owner/breeder Paula Byrum
  • Perseus (Pikko del Cerro HU-Obadiah) – 3rd in the Colts of 2017, owner/breeder Melissa Stubenberg
  • Stetson HTF (Sternlicht-Uforia) – 1st in 2yr old Colts/Geldings with an 81.4%, Champion of the USDF East Coast Colts/Geldings Championship, 6th in the Hanoverian IBC, owner/breeder Hilltop Farm
  • Don Pharrell MF (Don Principe-Rotspon) – 1st in the Yearling Colts with an 83.2%, Colt/Gelding Champion, and Reserve Champion Young Horse, owner/breeder Marydell Farm
  • Dakar MF (Don Principe-Belissimo M) – 3rd in Maiden Mares with an 81.7%, breeder by Hannes Brüning, owner Marydell Farm
  • Bugatti’s Ballerina (Bugatti-Rohdiamant) – 9th in Mares Under Saddle and 9th in the 4-yr Old Materiale, owner/breeder Beth Custalow
  • Portia (Prado-Sandro Hit), 2nd in 4 & older Broodmares and 3rd in the Devon Mare Championship, owner Susanne Manz
  • Sternlicht (Soliman de Hus-Rascalino) – 2nd in Get of Sire with an 81.45% (represented by Sultan’s Dream & Saoirse)
  • Hilltop Farm Breeders Group – 4th place (represented by Rubicon HTF & Louisville HTF)
  • Michael Bragdell was awarded the Best Handler Award by the judges.

Congratulations to all the owners and breeders of these horses. It was a super group that we were very proud to present.

Michael Bragdell also competed three horses in the Performance Division at Devon.  He showed Sternlicht in his first CDI Prix St. Georges test on Friday. They finished on a 65.746% and just out of the ribbons. At only 7, this was an early move up for Sternlicht but with Devon as our ‘home’ show, it felt like the right time. Michael also had two horses in the USEF Four-Year Old Division. Marydell Farm’s young stallion, Debonair MF, was 4th on Thursday and 3rd on Friday with scores of 7.68 & 7.7. Carol McPhee’s SenSation HW, who has only been with us since June, is showing quick progress over the summer and was 2nd both days with a 7.9 and 7.94. Well Done!

2017 USEF Young/Developing Horse Championships

ringo_yhchamp_award_web800x800The USEF Young and Developing Horse Championships remain a highlight of our show plans every year.  With only the top 15 of each age group invited to the Finals, the competition is intense yet the sense of comradery and enthusiasm is one of the best of all the shows.  It’s especially educational to see many of the horses back year-after-year and watch their development up the levels.  This year, Michael qualified an impressive SIX horses for the Finals!  The two 4-year olds started the week off well.  Carol McPhee’s SenSation HW (Sunday-Dancier) has only been with Michael since the beginning of June, but is advancing well in the work.  He offered two harmonious, flowing tests which earned a 5th place in the Preliminary and a 6th place overall with a final score of 7.472.  Marydell Farm’s Debonair MF (Doctor Wendell MF-Rotspon) showed a lot of composure for a young stallion.  While the connection could be a bit steadier, he remains supple and swinging in his work and the walk is a real highlight.  He placed 5th in the Preliminary test and moved up to 5th in the overall standings with a score of 7.692.  This placing will also fulfill his sport requirements for ISR/OldenburgNA. 

Competing on the same days as the 4-year olds, was the Developing Prix St. Georges division for horses ages 7 to 9 years old.  Michael’s two 7-year olds have had great seasons so far and produced two solid tests each.  Sternlicht Hilltop (Soliman de Hus-Rascalino), bred by Rachel Ehrlich and owned by Hilltop Farm, finished in 12th place overall with a final tally of 66.715 and was edged out by Mitch and Lara Mitchelson’s Faberge Blue (Contango-Democraat) who finished in 11th place with a 66.86%. 

Qredit Hilltop (Quaterback-Dream of Glory) competed in the Developing Grand Prix division for horses ages 8 to 10 years old.  At 9, he is just in his first season at this level but came through with a 6th place finish overall on a final score of 65.355%.  Qredit was one of two offspring in the Developing Grand Prix by Quaterback and bred in the US by Judy Yancey.  Ending the weekend on a high-note was Anne Howard’s wonderful 6-year old stallion Finery (Furstenball-Diamond Hit).  While still green at this level, Finery’s quality gaits were consistently evident and he stayed well focused on Michael throughout.  With an overall 7.6, he finished strongly into 3rd place for both the Preliminary and the Final tests.

Negro Awarded KWPN Stallion of the Year

negro_by_webThe 22-year old stallion Negro continues to add to his impressive resume.  Already a keur stallion with the KWPN, he was just named the KWPN Stallion of the Year at ‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands on February 4th.   A gala presentation with several Negro offspring was held, with the highlight of course being the presentation of the Olympic and World Champion Valegro.  Negro was bred by Mr. Borgers and is owned by Van Olst Horses.

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