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2019 USEF Sire of the Year Standings

pikko-del-cerro_us-1_susanjstickle_web1583x1266Each year the USEF records and publishes a Leading Sire ranking list determined by the success of the stallion’s offspring in sport. This ranking is a valuable resource for breeders, riders, and owners alike and we look forward to seeing the stallion’s impact each year. This year we’re excited to see both proven sires and those with only a few foal crops on the ground earning high positions on the ranking list. The Dressage Breeding rankings are especially exciting as we currently or have previously offered six of the top ten sires! While the Pikko del Cerro HU (Pik L – Rohdiamant) offspring are all quite young – he commandingly won the title of Dressage Breeding Sire of the Year, outranking the veteran sire Negro (Ferro – Variant) who finished as Reserve Champion. The Negro influence is seen strongly on the Dressage Breeding rankings with grandsons Everdale (Lord Leatherdale – Negro) and Glamourdale (Lord Leatherdale – Negro) finishing in 4th and 5th place respectively. Hilltop’s Qredit (Quaterback – Dream of Glory) topped out our top ten finishes with a 7th place finish for Dressage Breeding.

On the Dressage ranking list, the influence of the very proven sires is evident and Negro‘s influence continues to show with his 4th place finish. One of the cornerstones of Hilltop Farm, Contucci(Caprimond – Lungau) earned a 10th place finish with offspring competing from Training Level through Grand Prix with juniors, amateurs, and professionals alike. 

Riverman‘s (Redfort – Landego) influence in eventing has been strongly felt for many years. Once again this year, he finished near the top with a Reserve Champion placing for Eventing Sire of the Year. With 5 Champion and 3 Reserve Champion rankings in the past ten years, we expect his influence continues to be seen for years to come. 

The overwhelming success of the Qredit daughters competing in Hunter Breeding this year shows with his Reserve Champion finish for Hunter Breeding Sire of the Year. We also see Riverman‘s influence here with a 10th place finish. 

It makes us so happy to see the stallion’s offspring and all of their connections having such success in the show ring. Congratulations to all the breeders, owners, riders, and trainers that have played a vital role in the success of all of the stallion’s offspring. Best wishes for an equally successful 2020 show season!

2019 USDF Year-End Awards

We’re very proud to recognize the USDF Year-End Awards that Michael & Jess have earned this season and want to also say thank you to the owners of all these talented horses whose continued support of the training and competition goals for each of these horses makes it all possible.

Michael rode Carol McPhee’s SenSation HW (Sunday-Dancier) to Horse of the Year title for the FEI Six-Year Old Division and also to place 1st for All-Breeds (West). With Qredit Hilltop (Quaterback-Dream of Glory), Michael was 1st for Grand Prix & 4th for the Grand Prix Freestyle in All-Breeds Awards (GOV) and finished 9th in the country at Grand Prix Horse of the Year standings. Stablemate Sternlicht Hilltop (Soliman de Hus-Rascalino) ranks in the top 20 nationwide and top 5 for All-Breeds (AHS) in three divisions (PSG, Int I, & Freestyle).  Jess rode Natalie DiBerardinis’s Cover Girl (Contucci-Prince O’Pilsen xx) to 2nd for Third Level Freestyle in All-Breeds (ISR/Old).

Ann Hill


ann-devon-web1583x1266We are sad to share the news with our Hilltop friends that Ann Hill, Jane’s daughter, passed away from cancer on Thursday, November 28th surrounded by loving family and friends. Many of you have come to know Ann through events at Hilltop Farm, from shows at Devon (both The Devon Horse Show and Dressage at Devon were always on her calendar), or through her other equestrian activities.

Ann was a lover of animals, an avid competitive equestrian, lover of all things lobster and a chocolate enthusiast extraordinaire. She was a faithful volunteer at Thorncroft Equestrian Center, which specializes in therapeutic horseback riding for both children and adults with mental, emotional and physical disabilities. Ann was known for her generosity and fiery spirit.  She was born with Spina Bifida and faced challenges with unparalleled grit and determination to live a full life on her terms. 

Ann attended The Springside School, Philadelphia, PA, The Vanguard School, Malvern, PA and graduated from Solanco High School in Quarryville, PA.  Later she earned a certificate in childcare from Allegheny Community College in Pittsburgh, PA.

A celebration of life will be held on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. at the Radnor Hunt, 826 Providence Road, Malvern, PA.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations can be made in memory of Ann Hill to:

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to support the Spina Bifida Young Adult Transition Program
Checks should be made out to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Foundation and mailed to P.O. Box 781352, Philadelphia, PA 19178-1352. Please remember to write in memory of Ann Hill on the memo line of the check. Gifts may also be made online at http://www.chop.edu/giving

Thorncroft Equestrian Center

Checks should be made out to Thorncroft Equestrian Center and mailed to 190 Line Road, Malvern, PA 19355.  Please remember to write in memory of Ann Hill on the memo line of the check.  Questions:  contact Sallie Dixon directly at 610.644.1962.  Gifts may also be made online at https://www.thorncroftequestriancenter.org/index.php/how-to-help/donate

2019 Breeder Rewards Winners

Congratulations to our Breeder Rewards Winners!

The competitive success of a stallion’s offspring are a wonderful testament to the quality a stallion produces. We understand the time and financial commitment it takes to see a foal through conception to success in the show ring. As a reward for the breeders and current owners of Hilltop-sired offspring with exceptional success in the show ring, Hilltop Farm initiated a Breeder Rewards program many years ago. Winners earn credits towards a future breeding to a Hilltop Farm stallion. From the 2019 show season, we saw many offspring showing across the country with juniors, amateurs, and professional riders. This year we’re giving away over $12,000 in rewards credits! Below is an alphabetical list of our many winners from the 2019 season along with the accomplishments that earned them rewards credits. Please contact breeding@hilltopfarmin.com to claim your reward.

Believe WS (Bugatti-Warkant), owner: Judi deVore, breeder: Walkabout Station
USDF Region 5 First Level AA Reserve Champion
USDF Region 5 First Level Freestyle Champion

Bella Mia (Bugatti-Master), owner: Emma Lavin, breeder: Pinky Roberts
USDF Junior/Young Rider Horse of the Year
Swedish Warmblood All-Breeds Award Jr/YR Third Level – 1st Place
Swedish Warmblood All-Breeds Award Jr/YR Rider Fourth Level – 1st Place
Swedish Warmblood All-Breeds Award Open Third Level – 2nd Place
Swedish Warmblood All-Breeds Award Open Fourth Level – 2nd Place

Bellini (Bugatti-Del Piero), owner: Aspen Valley Ranch, breeder: Kathleen Skiseng Jackson
USDF Junior/Young Rider First Level Horse of the Year – 2nd Place

Bella Notte (Bugatti-Ulft), owner: Carrie Wilson, breeder: Darla d’Agay
USDF Region 2 Intermediate II Champion

Bingotti (Bugatti-Krack C), owner/breeder: Kathleen Ann-Robb Swalwell
USDF Region 2 Fourth Level Open Champion

Cambria (Riverman-Collin L), owner/breeder: Amy Concha
USHJA Zone 10 Hunter Breeding 2-Year Old Horse of the Year

Cappucine (Contucci-Bellucci), owner/breeder: Susanne Branson
USDF Region 4 Second Level AA Reserve Champion

Chapel Hill (Contucci-Rohdiamant), owner: Loreen Cobb, breeder: Katherine Flint
USDF Region 2 Jr/YR Training Level Champion

Contempo (Contucci-First Class), owner: Meredith Grace Brennan, breeder: Debra Hocking
ISR/Oldenburg All-Breeds Award AA Prix St. Georges – 1st Place

Cover Girl (Contucci-Prince O’Pilsen), owner: Natalie DiBerardinis, breeder: Janice Barnes
ISR/Oldenburg All-Breeds Award Third Level Freestyle – 2nd Place

Cue the Cameras (Contucci x Showgirl), owner/breeder: Elena Flaharty
American Warmblood Society & Sporthorse Registry All-Breeds Award Open Training Level – 1st Place

Denver HTF (Donarweiss-Royal Prince), owner: Bonnie Asher, breeder: Hilltop Farm
USHJA Zone 1 AO Hunter 3’3″ 18-35 Horse of the Year – 2nd Place

Donatella CF (Donarweiss-Tantris), owner/breeder: Kim Kobryn
AHS All-Breeds Award Open Grand Prix – 2nd Place

Finest Hour BC (Finery-Weltmeyer), owner/breeder Andrea Liguori Nuccio
USDF Dressage Sporthorse Breeding Yearling Colt/Gelding Horse of the Year
GOV All-Breeds Award Dressage Sporthorse Breeding Yearling Colt/Gelding – 1st place

Grayton Beach (Negro-UB 40), owner: Jodie Kelly
USDF Region 3 Third Level Open Champion

  1. Devereux (Donarweiss-Burggraaf), owner/breeder: Lisa Manicho Karam
    USHJA Zone 5 2’3″ Hunter Horse of the Year – 2nd Place

Hashtag TOP (Negro-Kelvin), owner: Jennifer R Roth, breeder Stan Topilko
USDF Region 2 First Level Open Champion
USDF Region 2 Second Level Freestyle Champion
USDF Region 2 First Level Freestyle Champion
KWPN-NA All-Breeds Award First Level Musical Freestyle – 2nd Place

Heartthrob (Painted Black-Schwadroneur), owner: Laura Schroff-Scaletti
USHJA Zone 3 Amateur Owner Hunter 36+ Horse of the Year

Jaika Jirdonie (Everdale x Unknown), owner: Andrea Woodner
KWPN All-Breeds Award Materiale 4&5-Year Old Mares – 2nd Place
KWPN All-Breeds Award Dressage Sport Horse Breeding 4-Year & Older Maiden Mares – 1st Place

Jameson SW (Chippendale-Don Primero), owner/breeder: Fleming-KuhnUSDF Region 4 Training Level Open Champion
US Finals Training Level Open Champion

Janeva (Negro x Unknown), owner: Patti Blackmore
USDF Region 4 First Level AA Champion

Jeronimo (Everdale x Unknown), owner: Maya Dalla Valle
USDF Region 7 Training Level AA Reserve Champion

Kastel’s Nintendo (Negro-Monaco), owner: Kastel Denmark
USDF Vintage Cup Grand Prix Open Champion

Kayenne CWS (Negro-OO Seven), owner/breeder: Craig Stanley
USDF USEF Four Year Old Horse of the Year – 2nd Place
KWPN All-Breeds Award USEF 4-Year Old – 1st Place

Namaste HMF (Olivi-Furstenball), owner/breeder: Elizabeth Preston
KWPN All-Breeds Award Dressage Sporthorse Breeding Yearling Colt/Gelding – 1st Place

Navarone (Negro x Candera), owner: Vanessa Chavez
GOV All-Breeds Award Open Training Level – 2nd Place

Newport Jazz (Everdale-Jazz), owner/breeder: Judy Eberhard Reggio
USDF East Coast Breeders Series Colt Champion

Pixar (Popeye-Fascination), owner/breeder: Kristin DeLuca
ISR/Oldenburg All-Breeds Award Dressage Sporthorse Breeding 4-Year & Older Stallions – 1st Place
ISR/Oldenburg All-Breeds Award Jr/YR Training Level – 2nd Place

Popgun (Popeye-Oliver Twist), owner: Julianne Pierson, breeder: Ilona English
ISR/Oldenburg All-Breeds Award AA Second Level – 1st place

Qrystal Cadence (Qredit-I am Graf Royal), owner/breeder: Lynn Masin
USDF Breeder Series Reserve Champion

Quinella (Quite Easy-Bolivar), owner: Tara-Leigh Davis, breeder: Laura Connaway
USHJA Zone 7 Championships Low AA Jumper – Reserve Champion

Raison d’Etre (Rubinero-Dream in Gold xx), owner: Mary Jo Zanolli, breeder: Kristin DeLuca
ISR/Oldenburg All-Breeds Award Dressage Sporthorse Breeding 2-Year Old Fillies – 1st place

Revel in Soul (Riverman- JF Shadai), owner/breeder: Andrea Manley
USEA Future Event Horse Champion

Royal Pippa FLF (Royal Prince-Calimero), owner: Susan Carlsgaard, breeder: Linda Sommers
USDF Region 8 First Level AA Reserve Champion

Salsa (Bugatti-Sandro Hit), owner: Elizabeth Pruyser, breeder: Jaimie Grevengoed
USDF Region 4 Jr/YR Training Level Champion
USDF Jr/YR Training Level Horse of the Year – 2nd Place
ISR/Oldenburg All-Breeds Award Jr/YR Training Level – 1st Place
ISR/Oldenburg All-Breeds Award Jr/YR First Level – 1st Place
ISR/Oldenburg All-Breeds Award Open Training Level – 2nd Place

The Tin Man ES (Comic Hilltop-Liostro), owner: MTM Farm, breeder: Equi Sport LLC
USHJA Zone 7 2′ Hunter Horse of the Year – 2nd Place

Zo’dan (Olivi-Focus), owner: Sue Minton-Edison
USDF Region 6 Intermediate I AA Champion

Please notify us as soon as possible if you anticipate that your horse may be eligible for Breeder Rewards money but is not included on this list.  Congratulations!

Sternlicht Hilltop & SenSation HW Win USDF Finals

Photo by Susan J. Stickle

Photo by Susan J. Stickle

The USDF Finals in Lexington, Kentucky are truly a highlight of our competition season and this year was especially exciting.  Jessica Fay qualified Hilltop Farm’s Quinzy HTF (Qredit-Cordoba) at Fourth Level and Natalie DiBerardinis’s Cover Girl (Contucci-Prince O’Pilsen xx) for the Third Level Freestyle, while Michael Bragdell brought Carol McPhee’s SenSation HW (Sunday-Dancier) as well as the Hilltop stallions Qredit (Quaterback-Dream of Glory) and Sternlicht (Soliman de Hus-Rascalino). 

The show started with a big win for Michael & SenSation HW in the Third Level Championship.  This is now the 4th National Championship Michael has won with SenSation in the last two years!  We were very proud of Quinzy’s 9th place finish in the Fourth Level Open Championship.  At only 7 years old, she has a big future ahead of her and Jess is doing a super job bringing her up the levels.  Qredit was Reserve Champion for the Grand Prix and placed 3rd in a fantastic Grand Prix Freestyle class.  Sternlicht was busy with 3 divisions during these Finals and improved in every outing.  He and Michael started with a 70%+ score and 4th place finish in the Intermediate I, moved up to 3rd place for the Intermediate I Freestyle, and then won the Prix St. Georges Championships on Sunday with a 72.5%.

Congratulations to our trainers, the owners, and the breeders of these talented horses and thank you to the US Dressage Finals team for another wonderful show experience!

2019 Dressage At Devon & Qredit’s First CDI

news_devon-2019_qreditOur Favorite Week the Year – Dressage at Devon! Devon feels like our ‘home’ show and we love getting to show everything from foals to FEI. This year we did it a bit differently though. Between the busy Regionals show schedule, favorite horses selling, and some youngsters just looking like…well young horses…we decided to enjoy the Breed Show as spectators.  What a treat that was! A beautiful day watching all the fancy young horses.  Congratulations to all the competitors and breeders!

We then ramped up for the Performance show though as we just couldn’t resist showing someone at Devon!  Jess took Quinzy out for the FEI Test of Choice class and placed 6th on Sunday with the big red mare.  At only seven years old, she sometimes has some green mistakes but the quality is rewarded.  Even more exciting was Michael and Qredit participating in their first CDI!  Riding at night under the lights in the Dixon Oval gives a feeling like no other and Qredit and Michael seemed to enjoy the spotlight finishing 4th in the Grand Prix and 6th in the Freestyle.  Hard to believe it was 10 years ago that Qredit was named Grand Champion of the Devon Breed Show as a yearling!

2019 USDF Region 8 Championships

What an exceptional horse show for all of Team Hilltop! We couldn’t be prouder of our horses or trainers after the wonderful show we had at the USDF Region 8 Championships in Saugerties, NY on September 19th-22nd.  Michael and Sternlicht (Soliman de Hus-Rascalino) proved to be unstoppable taking home the Championship ribbons for Intermediate, Prix St. Georges, and Intermediate Freestyle.  Not to be outdone by his younger stablemate, Qredit (Quaterback-Dream of Glory) put in two very impressive tests in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Freestyle.  He brought home two Reserve Championship ribbons and a whole new group of fans. Also showing under Michael, were Carol and Scott McPhee’s SenSation HW (Sunday-Dancier), Lisa Smith’s Frisantos (Franziskus-Espri), and Mitch and Lara Mitchelson’s Steinbeck HTF (SternlichtRoyal Prince). SenSation and Michael continued their winning ways with a 71% in the Third Level Championship.  Frisantos and Michael just missed a ribbon in the First Level Championship. This was Steinbeck’s first Regional Championship and extra special for us as he’s from Sternlicht’s first foal crop so extra fun to have them both at the show! He handily won his Training Level Open class on Friday with a 72% but finished just outside of the ribbons in the Championship class.

From Qredit’s first foal crop, Quinzy HTF (Qredit-Cordoba) also joined us at Regionals again this year. Under the guidance of Jess, Quinzy put in a steady test to finish 4th in the Fourth Level Championship with a 68.4%.  Quinzy also showed in the Prix St. George Championship. While she didn’t earn a ribbon, we were really happy with the balance and obedience she gives Jess and with some age and strength she will be able to show off even more.  Jess and Natalie DiBerardinis’ Cover Girl (Contucci-Prince O’Pilsen) showed in both the Third Level Championship and Third Level Freestyle Championship.  This was Cover Girl’s first year doing the Freestyle and she earned a Wild Card score to go to the USDF Finals in November. Last but not least, Witness and Jess showed in the Grand Prix Championship. Witness (Hamlet-Burggraaf) finished 9th in the Championship.

Thanks to the hardworking show management and NEDA volunteers.  This massive show was impressively run and whoever was in charge of the weather got it just perfect!

SenSation HW Defends USEF Title

Photo by Susan J. Stickle

Photo by Susan J. Stickle

The USEF Festival of Champions is an amazing show every year. The venue, management, and the caliber of horses makes it incredibly memorable. This year was no exception for us. There is always extra pressure when you are the defending champion, but Michael & SenSation HW (Sunday-Dancier) thrived in that environment and put in two lovely tests to earn the Six-Year Old National Championship! Their overall 8.692 speaks volumes for the quality this horse shows. Congratulations to owner Carol McPhee, breeder Alfons Bergjohann, and all of Sen’s supporters.

Congratulations to all the competitors at this prestigious Championship. This year especially the quality was very high. Let’s keep raising that bar every year!

2019 Hilltop Farm AHS Inspection

Photo by Tara Jelenic

Photo by Tara Jelenic

We had an excellent two days during our American Hanoverian Society Inspection in early July.   Thank you to Anna Jungheit, George Walker, and learner judge Sandy Hunt for all your insight over the 2 days and to Dennis Moore – announcer extraordinaire!! Dennis does an amazing amount of pedigree research before each of these events. The overall quality was exceptionally high and we congratulate all the owners/breeders for their successes.  For the offspring of our stallions, there were some especially exciting results.  Savannah HTF (SternlichtRoyal Prince) earned a 7.83 for her inspection and a 7.91 in her MPT, was High-Score Hanoverian Mare, and is now a Premium Mare Candidate.  Colette HTF (ContucciRoyal Prince) earned a 7.16 at her studbook inspection, which makes her Premium Eligible, and we will look to doing the MPT with her next year.  Sundancer BHF (Sternlicht-Renaissance) was Champion Two-Year Old Filly and Rubinstar AF (Rubinero-Don Schufro) was Reserve Champion Yearling Colt and Reserve Champion Yearling Filly was Starstruck (Sternlicht-Ehrentusch). It was an especially good showing for Sternlicht offspring!

New this year was the addition of the Gold Medal Foal awards to indicate exceptional overall quality.  Qadence HTF (QreditNegro), Rigley HTF (RivermanRoyal Prince), Luke Skywalker (Lord Leatherdale-Ehrentusch), and Redford HTF (Royal PrinzContucci) all earned these awards and were excellent representatives for their sires.  Qadence HTF was also named Top Filly of the day.

For youngsters developing here on the farm, we also saw super results for their breeders and owners.  In the Yearling Colts/Geldings Champion was Vincenzo (Vitalis-Damon Hill).  Yearling Fillies Champion was Last Hoorah (Last Man Standing-Ginsberg). There were also additional Gold Medal Foal awards to foals Sir Render (Sir Donnerhall-Ramiro’s Bube), Ferrari MDH (Franziskus-Prado), and Denmark HTF (Desperado-Negro). Sir Render, bred/owned by Catherine Haddad Staller, was named the Top Colt.

2019 Foaling Season at Hilltop Farm

Foaling season is one of our favorite times of year here at Hilltop Farm and the 2019 season is off to an excellent start!

Our last foal of 2018 was an unusual story, so we’re counting him as part of the 2019 foal crop for announcements.  The Oldenburg mare Primavera (by Pandorra) was bred late December in Florida to the PRE stallion Flamenco YM that now stands through Hilltop Farm.  It was an unusual time to breed, but happened to be at the same time they were collecting Flamenco for frozen semen for us and worked well for his owners. So the very first Flamenco foal arrived on November 25th – a handsome, precocious colt named Faccini Negro. 

Then we had a lovely break until March when our foaling season began (again). 

March 6th: Congratulations to Victoria Kolenda!  Her KWPN mare Ariella (Trento B-Zortin) gifted her with a beautiful and very smart filly by Olivi.  This little one is quite chatty and was talking to everyone around her before she was even up.  She is already impressing us with short glimpses of her movement and we love how quickly she learns everything.

March 25th:  It’s a colt!  Our second foal by Olivi this season and it’s a handsome bay colt out of the Elite Hanoverian Raj Mahal HTF (Royal Prince-Donnerhall).  We’re seeing a very strong stamp on the Olivi foals and are impressed with the balance and the movement that he brings.

March 28th: Balissa FINALLY foaled.  After hanging on for many weeks, Balissa finally decided it was time for us to meet her filly by Fürstenball.  She is very tall and long-legged like her momma, but she’s us a bit more elegance from her sire’s type.  Just what we were wishing for!

April 10th: While many of the mares this year seem to be going over their due dates, Melissa Stubenberg’s Thoroughbred mare Kourages Kelly decided to go early and quickly delivery a handsome, strong colt by GK Calucci.  There is going to be a lot of scope with this one!

April 11th: Speaking of holding on, our wonderful recipient mare Bijou held onto the Qredit x Uforia embryo for 363 days!  Finally, on April 11th she decided to give this one up to us and produced a beautiful filly.  We’re already seeing very good quality gaits with this one.

April 14th: From the dressage prospect to the purpose-bred eventer, this season is a fun one for us with a lot of diversity.  Melissa Stubenberg’s second TB mare, a maiden named Roxstina, delivered a fantastic colt by Vallado.  He has plenty of blood in the pedigree to be an event prospect for Melissa, but he’s so pretty he may get snapped up for the hunter ring too.

April 19th: Next up was Lisa Saabye’s Ehrentusch mare Ebella.  This is Ebella’s first foal, but her first colt and this handsome lad by Lord Leatherdale shows a very noticeable stamp by his sire.  A fantastic pedigree all-around and this one is definitely one to watch.

April 25th: We’ll admit it – we were all hoping this next foal would be a colt and we got our wish!  The second Uforia foal of the season was safely delivered by the recipient mare Blessings.  A striking black colt with chrome by the Grand Prix stallion Desperado (Vivaldi).  We couldn’t be any happier!

April 27th: It was time for a filly and Gavin Parfit and Isabel Barzun’s Elite KWPN mare Romy had a beautiful bay filly by Secret.  This tall, long-legged filly has her dam’s elegance and her sire’s power in movement.  She’s a special one for sure!

May 4th: We had a short break of one week from foalings – which around this time of year seems like an eternity.  But May 4th saw the arrival of another filly, this one by Pikko del Cerro and out of Melissa Stubenberg’s mare Wraina.  A full-sibling to a farm favorite from a few years ago, ‘Pippa’ is full of personality and spunkiness.

May 5th: Just a day later and we were back in the foaling barn with Hilltop’s homebred Chiquita.  This is her 5th foal and she has gifted us with another wonderful colt – this time by Royal Prinz.  This is the first of the Royal Prinz’s foals since we began managing him and we’re very happy with this cross on a Contucci daughter.

May 23rd: It’s a good thing we had a few weeks break from foaling, because on the 23rd the last of the mares decided it was time to get things moving along!  Early in the morning hours, Judy Irwin’s mare Chellana GZ gave birth to a very regal looking colt by GK Calucci. Then just before midnight of the same day, our own Uforia gave us a fantastic colt by Lord Leatherdale (a full-sibling to Devon Champion Louisville). This has been an especially fun year for Uforia foals as she also had two via ET earlier this spring.

May 24th: Keeping things moving, our 3rd foal in 24-hours arrived early on May 24th.  Congratulations to breeder Susanne Manz on your beautiful, feminine filly by Royal Prinz and out of Valkyrie.  This filly is a lovely combination of both her parents.

May 26th: The Hanoverian mare Raureif has been an outstanding producer and this year’s colt by Sir Donnerhall I looks to continue the trend.  Congratulations to breeder Catherine Haddad Staller on this long-legged and strong colt.  We hope he becomes another Grand Prix horse for you!

May 31st: The busy week of foaling concluded with Hilltop’s beloved mare Raja HTF producing a tall, handsome colt by Riverman.  A repeat of her first foal, Ripken HTF, we have very high hopes for this colt’s future.

June 13th: After a very busy week at the end of May, everything slowed right down in the foaling barn again.  Susanne Manz’s SPS mare Pinta (aka Portia) made the wait worthwhile though.  Her colt by Franziskus is a stunning chestnut with just the right amount of bling to him!

June 18th: And then there was one last mare left.  We were all very relieved with the arrival of this extra special foal – a filly by Talisman and out of Arlette Johnson’s wonderful Grand Prix jumper Amis de Kannan.  Amis had produced a full-sibling to this filly via embryo transfer when she was still competing, but this is first time with mom duties and she’s been perfect!

Thank you to Diana Frederick, our Broodmare Manager, as well as our entire team who helped on foal-watch and all the day-to-day care and time that goes into each mare and foal during this time of year.  Our 2019 foaling season is officially over!

News from the Past