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At Hilltop Farm we strive to provide fantastic resources to support you throughout the lifetime of your offspring.

Including your horse on the sales page of our new website is a marketing tool for breeders and owners of offspring sired by any present or past Hilltop Stallion or Guest Stallion while he was standing at Hilltop Farm. If you are unsure of your horse’s eligibility, select the sire name below and if your horse was born during the years listed, you are eligible for this free service and may continue filling out the information.

DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO UPDATE A LISTING ALREADY POSTED – Email Gayle ( changes and updates to current listings.

IMPORTANT: Uploading Photos and Videos

You may include up to three photographs (MAXIMUM FILE SIZE 3MB per image) and a link to Youtube or Vimeo video with your listing. If your photos are large please downsize them before uploading to our site. Here’s a link for downsizing images for free: Web Resizer. We highly recommend professional quality photographs.  Please remember that all professional photos must have express permission to be posted and shared.  Not all images are sold with the rights to post online or to share with another site (such as Hilltop Farm’s website).  Please check with any necessary photographers prior to submitting your photos.  By submitting photos to this website, you certify that you have permission to post these images for the marketing & promotion of your horse. Photographer credit may be included under each image you upload.

Note: Once you click the submit button on form below, please allow a few moments for the files you’ve attached to upload to our system.

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