Young Horse Raising

Raising Services

yh_web-rectWe have opened the fields at Hilltop Farm to those needing specialized young horse raising services. Breeders or owners of young horses seeking, a safe, natural environment for their young sport horse prospect during the rearing years are often limited in the situation they themselves can provide. Traditional boarding facilities, or pastures with no other youngsters, do not offer the ideal environment that young horses need for their optimal development.

At Hilltop Farm, our horses are raised in small herds, separated by age and gender. They learn important herd dynamics that will stay with them throughout their lifetime. The strength and development gained by the growing horse on these rolling hills is unparalleled for building a strong and athletic foundation.  Each horse in our fields receives daily care and attention. We feed in individual feed stalls so there is no competing for food. Grooming and handling lessons are included in the young horses education and they are confident, trusting, and ready to begin under saddle training.  Hilltop Farm is proud of our staff of highly qualified horsemen, skilled and experienced in keeping a watchful eye on the health and ongoing development of horses.