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At Hilltop Farm we’ve been utilizing Purina feeds for all our horses since 2007. The horses here at the farm include broodmares, foals & growing youngsters, breeding stallions, dressage horses of all ages & training levels, and a few special retirees in their 20’s. We’ve found the Purina product line offers us the nutritional quality and options needed to keep our horses in peak health and condition, whatever their life stage or activity level. When our competition horses are away from home, we know we can find consistent quality and nutrition across the country. For more information or how Purina can help your feeding program, please visit www.horse.purinamills.com.
Select Breeders Services
Select Breeders Services is the acknowledged leader in the field of cyropreservation of equine semen. Their affiliate labs throughout the US, as well as Europe and Australia, provide the highest quality management for cooled and frozen semen. The lab at Hilltop Farm was the national headquarters for SBS for 18 years and SBS continues to run a full-service laboratory at Hilltop Farm. We are proud to use SBS for all our semen processing.


Hulsebos Saddles, a third-generation family company, has manufactured quality, custom “made to measure” saddles for Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping since 1910. Hilltop Farm trainers are using Hulsebos Saddles for their daily work.

Cavallo has a large selection in riders equipment for show and leisure needs. Our range of products includes: high quality ridingboots for dressage and jumping, as well as all-round boots, ankle boots, chaps and sneakers. Also you will find useful information about leather caring. Other products: breeches, show jackets, tail coats, show breeches, show shirts and top hats, functional coats, jackets and vests, functional riding shirts, sweatshirts and accessories.


Brook Ledge

Brook Ledge is committed to providing the most outstanding service possible in horse transportation. We ship famous show and racehorses to pasture companions and faithful steeds. We understand that whether your horse is a companion or a champion they are all equally important and this is why we treat each horse with the highest care and attention. 

The Mill of Bel Air

From feed to supplies we have what you need to help your horse live a long, successful, and happy life.The Mill strives to provide exceptional quality with exceptional service. We provide an highly competent equine nutritionist to assist you with your feed and management needs. Delivery to Central MD, Southern MD, Eastern Shore of MD, Delaware, and Southern PA.


Champion Shavings

Champion Shavings is committed to supplying our valued customers with the highest quality pine shavings available in North America. Our shavings are tightly compressed into heat-sealed plastic bags with a guaranteed labelled expanded volume, which we proudly deliver anywhere across the United States and Canada.

Equine Brokerage

 Meeting all your insurance needs including your farm and animals.


The USET Foundation
The United States Equestrian Team Foundation supports equestrian athletes, promotes international excellence, and builds for the future of equestrian sports.



Headquartered at the heart of the Irish Equine Industry in County Kildare, is a world leader in the research and development of light therapy solutions to assist the global horse industry in maximizing reproductive efficiency and performance.


Arena Works

Arena Works, Inc. has worked to develop the nation’s leading blend of arena footing materials to enhance your ride while allowing more comfort to your horse. It is also engineered to require little maintenance, enabling you to spend less time caring for the product and more time doing what you love to do most – ride!

New Bolton Center Field Service

 The William Boucher Field Service at New Bolton Center provides routine and emergency health care for equine and food animal clients. The group’s specialists offer preventative health care, reproductive services, evaluation and treatment of lameness, medical and surgical disorders, on-farm diagnostic services, and emergency services. 


G. A. Mitchell Farms

G. A. Mitchell Farms

Premium Quality Hay & Straw — New York | Timothy | Orchard Grass | Western Alfalfa | Long Straw 

Etalon Diagnostics

Identify horse health, color, performance and ancestry through comprehensive equine DNA Testing.