ISR/Oldenburg NA Inspection

Tentative Schedule

*Schedule is subject to change. A detailed schedule will be posted approximately one week prior to the event.*

August 20, 2022

8:15 AM    – Stallion Owner Meeting

8:30 AM    – Stallion Presentation & Mare Performance Testing

                      – In-Hand & Free-Jumping (stallions/mares perform individually)

                      – Undersaddle (stallions/mares perform in separate groups)

12:00 PM  – Lunch

1:00 PM      Stallion & Mare Performance Announcements

1:45 PM    – Mare and/or Foal Presentations

                     – Mares without Foals

                     – Mares with Foals

                     – Foals

5:00 PM   – Premium Filly & Colt Rings

                    – Branding to Follow

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Horse Registration Catergories

Stallion Inspection: All stallions who meet the necessary pedigree requirements according to the ISR/Oldenburg and are 3 years and older may register for their stallion licensing (occasional exceptions for 2.5 year-old stallions). The inspection requires the stallion be presented in-hand, undersaddle, and free jumped. Three year old stallions have the option of selecting out of the riding portion of the inspection, and if an older stallion is being presented based upon past performance results, the ISR/Oldenburg office may waive the riding and/or free jumping portion of the testing. Both cases must be pre-approved with ISR/Oldenburg and Hilltop should be updated regarding exceptions to facilitate scheduling.

Mare  Inspection: All mares who meet the necessary pedigree requirements according to the ISR/Oldenburg and are three years and older may register for inspection to enter the ISR/Oldenburg studbook. A mare must be accepted in the ISR/Oldenburg studbook to participate in the Mare Performance Testing or have her foal registered. If a mare has not already been accepted in the ISR/Oldenburg studbook but would like to perform her MPT or have her foal registered, then she may enter both the mare inspection and MPT and/or foal inspection at the same site inspection.  

Mare or Gelding Performance Testing: All mares 3 years and older who are accepted in the ISR/Oldenburg mare studbook (or are also being presented for inspection) as well as ISR/Oldenburg registered geldings 3 years and older are eligible for performance testing. The mare or gelding will be free jumped and ridden undersaddle.

Yearlings:  Yearlings coming for branding only will not receive comments from the judges.  Therefore, they do not need to be braided or have professional handling in the ring. 

Foal Inspection: All current year foals whose dam is entered in the ISR/Oldenburg studbook and sire is approved with ISR/Oldenburg or has/is eligible for a breeding permit may participate in the foal inspection. 

For more information, visit the ISR/Oldenburg website