Articles & Interviews

Articles & Interviews


Tips on Showing Sport Horses In Hand: Whether you are learning about showing your horse in hand or just looking for some tips, this excerpt from the 2015 USDF Sport Horse Breeders/Handlers Seminar is for you - Showing Sport Horses In Hand with Michael Bragdell. >>>


Behind The Scenes – Hilltop Farm: American Quality: The dramatic view at Hilltop Farm is as beautiful as its magnificent horses, but the facility's scenic side in a relatively rural section of Maryland is just one of the many things that make it unique, the word most often used by people describing this one-of-a-kind property. >>>


Riverman Mares Rock Eventing: For many Warmblood enthusiasts, just the mention of the famous stallion Riverman is enough to send chills down their spines. The stunning grey Holsteiner, who currently stands at stud at Hilltop Farm in Colora, Maryland, was the Reserve Champion at his stallion licensing, and was a Verband stallion in Germany for the first part of his life. >>>


Kristi Nunnink and R-Star (Riverman): Kristi Nunnink's default expression is a smile. It doesn't matter how hard she's working, what level she's riding or how the horse under her is performing -- her mouth curls faintly upward, unforced. It may just be a coincidence of facial structure, or it may be a product of years of habit. But either way, the expression fits her, because Nunnink may very well be the happiest rider at Rolex Kentucky. At 48, she's heading to her first CCI**** with her horse of a lifetime. >>>


American-Bred Sport Horses Are Rising To The Top: The manicured grounds of the Lamplight Equestrian Center were superb as was the quality of the equine competitors at the 2009 Markel/United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) National Young Horse Dressage Championships and the 2009 USEF National Developing Horse Dressage Championship, sponsored by the Dutta Corporation and Performance Sales International. >>>


Horse Handlers: Life In The Fast Lane: A Sport Horse Handler, whether at a show, inspection or exhibition, constantly strives for that 'magical moment' as he guides a horse in hand around the arena, often negotiating a large triangle formed from flower pots and jump poles. Together the two lift off and eat up the ground, matching stride for stride -- the horse seeming to float, to collect and extend on his own, all in perfect rhythm. The handler is as discreet as possible so that all attention focuses on the horse looking his best. >>>


The Matchmaker – A Breeding Manager Tells How She Pairs stallions and Mares to Create Champion Offspring: The phone rings at Hilltop Farm and breeding manager Natalie DiBerardinis answers. Just as she suspected, it is a mare owner looking for advice. Which stallion would be a good match for her mare, the caller asks anxiously. With scientific advances in artificial insemination, the choices for a perfect partner have never been greater, but that doesn't mean the selection process is any simpler. DiBerardinis asks the owner a few questions about her mare and suggests she complete Hilltop's online questionnaire. After reading it, she and the caller will talk again to discuss the options. >>>


Domestically-bred Hanoverians Triumph in the 2008 Markel/USEF National Young Horse Dressage Championships in Lexington, Kentucky: In the second day of competition at the 2008 Markel/United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) National Young Horse Dressage Championships presented by Collecting Gaits Farm, claiming the title in the four-year-old division was Michael Bragdell and Selten HW besting 19 other horses to win with a score of 8.56. >>>


Recipe For Top Hanoverians: Wisconsin breeders work on one foal at a time. Shannon (a competitive dressage rider) and Doug Langer, DVD, (a partner of the Wisconsin Equine Clinic and Hospital) have bred Hanoverians for 10 years at their Maple Run Farm in Helenville, Wisconsin. They arrived on the international stage when their homebred Cabana Boy represented the United States at the 2007 World Young Horse Championships. >>>