Breeder Support & Awards

At Hilltop Farm our commitment to breeders extends far beyond getting your foal successfully on the ground. Please contact our office at any time of the year with questions, requests for information, or just to give us an update your horses. These options are also open to owners who purchase one of your offspring, so please pass our information along with any sale. We want to keep tabs on the offspring that you sell as much as you do!

Online Resources

Our website is available to our breeders as a special resource for announcing the accomplishments of your offspring and listing your horses for sale. The news section contains Foal Announcements, Breeders Notes & Snapshots, and Ringside with Hilltop Stallions’ Offspring section. Here’s your chance to brag, share photos, etc.

The sales section, one of the most often visited sections on the website, offers listings with up to 3 large images, video and full description for all offspring bred through Hilltop Farm, as well as mares in-foal to one of the stallions currently at Hilltop Farm. You do not have to be the original breeder to participate in this popular feature.

Breeders Rewards Program

Our Breeders Rewards Program, initiated in 1996, awards our breeders annually for outstanding competitive success with their Hilltop Farm stallion offspring by offering Reward Certificates towards future breedings to a Hilltop-owned stallion or the sire of the respective offspring. All rewards must be used the following breeding season, only one Reward Certificate may be applied per breeding agreement, and documentation of the win must be presented. Breeders do not need to be the current owner of the horse to be eligible for these awards.

  • Breeders whose offspring win at the USDF/GAIG Championship Series Finals, a USDF Regional Championships, USHJA Zone Championship, or the USEA Future Event Horse Finals earn a $200 Reward Certificate for a Championship Finish, and a $100 Reward Certificate for a Reserve Championship.
  • Breeders whose offspring win the USEF/Markel Dressage Young Horse Finals, USDF National Championship, IJF Finals, IHF Finals, the USEA Young Event Horse Finals, USEA American Eventing Champions, or USDF All-Breeds Awards earn a $300 Reward Certificate for a Championship Finish, and a $200 Reward Certificate for a Reserve Championship.
  • Breeders of USDF Horse of the Year Champions, USEF Horse of the Year Champions, USHJA Zone Horse of the Year Champions, or USEA Year-End Award Champions earn a $400 Reward Certificate for a Championship Finish, and a $300 Reward Certificate for a Reserve Championship Finish.

Devon Prep Program

Since 2001, Hilltop Farm has offered a Devon Prep Program for breeders who are interested in showing their offspring at this prestigious show. Horses come to the farm for extra preparation prior to the show and can be under the full care of Hilltop staff while at Devon or meet up with Team Hilltop at Devon. In addition, our Hilltop Handlers are available for handling at some of the mid-atlantic Breed Shows.

Continuing Education

Continuing education has always been an important element of Hilltop Farm and we are happy to support our breeders in their learning efforts by hosting American Hanoverian Society & ISR/OldenburgNA inspections each year, offering clinics for breeders and young horse owners, and always being available for your questions and feedback as we develop future programs here at Hilltop Farm.

We look forward to continuing to offer support to all our breeders and wish each of you the best of luck with your horses and breeding endeavors!