Photo By: Alix Coleman
Photo By: Micki Dobson
Photo By: Janne Bugtrup
Photo By: Alix Coleman
Photo By: Micki Dobson

16.2h | 1990 | Holsteiner Stallion

Redfort – Landego – Calypso II

Homozygous Black

Riverman was the Reserve Champion of his Holsteiner stallion licensing, where he was titled the “Top Model” of the approvals. Riverman stood as a Verband stallion for three years, producing high percentages of premium offspring. After these foal crops, Riverman stood 2nd in the 2000 German FN’s Jumping Index and 3rd in the Overall Index for stallions of his age group, due to the success of his offspring in both dressage and jumping competition.

Shortly after his importation to the US, Riverman won the 1995 Grand Championship at Dressage at Devon. His clearly suspended and elevated movement showed tremendous fluidity and suppleness, and combined with his beautiful type captured the attention of breeders in North America.

Due to the demands of his breeding schedule, Riverman was only competed one season in the US, but he continued his training through the Grand Prix level. His powerful gaits, generated from an active hind leg, made the work easy for this talented stallion and piaffe and passage were particular favorites in his training.

Riverman’s pedigree offers access to many of the top bloodlines successful in international sport. His sire Redfort was a successful Grand Prix dressage horse, but descends from lines best known for their show jumping talent. Redfort is by Rebel Z, the full brother to Olympic Medalists Ratina Z and Renomee Z. Rebel I Z was ranked as the top jumper sire in 1995/1996 by the WBFSH and is also the broodmare sire of Hanoverian State Stallion El Bundy.

Riverman descends from the Holsteiner Stamm 4 through his dam Alexis III. Her sire Landego is a son of the legendary Landgraf I. Landgraf was known for his lovely face, good movement, and excellent character, but it was his jumping ability, and the consistency with which he passed this ability on, that have made him one of the most influential show jumping sires of all-time. Another legendary Holsteiner stallion, Cor de la Bryere, is found further back in Alexis’s pedigree and anchors the genetics which Riverman offers.

It is Riverman’s offspring though that set him apart as a truly exceptional sire. We rarely see the results that Riverman’s offspring have produced in so many different venues and at all levels. Show jumping talent is no surprise given Riverman’s pedigree. His daughter Rebecca X has been a member of the Italian Nation’s Cup Team and has a long international Grand Prix career to her record. Riverstone is also competing at the World Cup qualifier level. Son Reno, an approved stallion, was the winner of the IJF Midwest Finals as a 4 year old and competed through Grand Prix in the US and Bling It On has just moved up to the Grand Prix in 2009. River of Dreams won thirteen Grand Prix in 2012 & 2013.  In the hunter ring, Riverman offspring show their beautiful form, elegant movement, and consistency to earn top ribbons. Diamond River was winner of the 2013 USHJA Los Angeles Int’l Hunter Derby and Dreamwork earned multiple Junior & Performance Hunter Championships on A circuit in 2014.  In Hunter Breeding, Riverside was the Zone 8 Hunter Breeding 3-Year Old Horse of the Year.

FEI dressage riders seek out Riverman offspring for their elegance and elastic movement. River Run Roscoe, Reminiscent, O’Susannah, and Cody are all competing at the FEI Levels. Amazingly, Cody is part of a well-known Advanced Pairs Driving Team with Larry Poulin as well. Cody and Rivage (another Riverman son) were the 2007 US National Champions for Pairs Driving and have twice represented the US at the World Pairs Championships.

In the past few years it has been clear that Riverman offspring excel as three-day eventing horses. Eventing enthusiasts look to Riverman for movement, boldness cross-country, and excellent scope. R-Star and FDF Riverina are both listed on the FEI WBFSH Eventing Rankings list. Slate River, bred by Elizabeth Callahan out of a Bonjour mare, was leading the USEA Intermediate Leader Board rankings for most of the 2009 season. At the 2009 Fair Hill CCI*** we had the pleasure of watching R-Star and Slate River finish 10th & 11th – Riverman was the only stallion to have two offspring finishing in the top 20 of this prestigious event. Not surprisingly, Riverman became the 2009 USEF Eventing Sire of the Year and both R-Star and Slate River have competed at the Rolex CCI****.  In 2014, Fleecework’s Royal won the West Coast Young Event Horse 5-Yr Old Championship.

Riverman offers his athleticism and a beautiful type consistently to his mares. Jumping ability transmits through strongly and we recommend his offspring for riders aiming to compete in the upper levels of their chosen disciplines.

Video & Pedigree

Hilltop Farm
Adolf Ratjen
Redfort Rebel Z Ramiro
Argentina Z
Gestion Landgraf I
Alexis III Landego Landgraf I
Germania 2
Pagode Calypso II

Career Highlights

Performance Test:

Performance Test: 105.48 Total/105.10 Dressage/102.90 Jumping

Approved AHHA, ISR/OldenburgNA, & Rhineland

Approved but not currently activated Westfalen, GOV, and CWHBA

We are continually impressed with the achievements of Riverman’s offspring at the highest levels and in many disciplines.  For almost 20 years, Riverman has been a vital part of Hilltop Farm and we are grateful for his continued good health and vigor.  He deserves enormous recognition for his lasting contributions to US breeding programs and for his role in the development of Hilltop Farm.”

Natalie DiBerardinis, Hilltop Farm's Breeding Manager

4-Star Stallion with ISR/OldenburgNA

2017: USEF Eventing Sire of the Year

2016: Reserve Champion USEF Eventing Sire of the Year

2015: USEF Eventing Sire of the Year

2013: USEF South Pacific Award Winner ~ Top US based Show Jumping Sire

2012: USEF South Pacific Award Winner ~ Top US based Show Jumping Sire

2011: USEF South Pacific Award Winner ~ Top US based Show Jumping Sire

2010: USEF Eventing Sire of the Year

2009: USEF Eventing Sire of the Year

2000: Ranked 2nd on German FN Jumping Index

1995: Grand Champion of Dressage at Devon

1992: Reserve Champion of Holsteiner Stallion Licensing

Breeding Information

Stud Fee:

$1200 1-Year Cooled Semen OR
$900/dose Frozen Semen, No LFG
EVA Negative


Cooled Semen available April 1st – August 15th. Frozen semen may be shipped year-round.

REMINDER: The SBS lab is closed and stallions will not be collected on Easter Sunday, Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend, July 4th, and July 27th.

Special Discounts Available

Additional Fees - Cooled Semen

Additional Fees - Frozen Semen


Shipment Notification Schedule

**Please review this information with your veterinarian at the beginning of your mare’s cycle** PLEASE NOTE: We don’t accept semen shipment requests via fax or email. Call 410-658-9898 ext. 120 when requesting semen. We appreciate a “heads-up” if possible when your mare enters the start of her heat cycle. Cooled semen stallions may be collected any day except Saturday and can be shipped either via FedEx overnight or same-day Airline. Frozen semen is able to be shipped Monday thru Friday via FedEx overnight. Pick-up of both cooled and frozen semen is also available at Hilltop Farm or Select Breeders Services in Maryland. Our cooled semen season runs from March thru August for most of our stallions. Frozen semen may be shipped year-round. See each specific stallion’s webpage and/or contract for availability.

Monday - Friday: Pick-up, Fed Ex Overnight, or Airline shipments

Please notify our office before 9:00pm eastern time the day prior to collection/shipping. For example: If you want semen collected & shipped on Friday, we need to know by 9:00pm on Thursday evening.

Frozen semen cannot be sent by same-day Airline, so must be sent Monday thru Friday via FedEx or picked-up at Hilltop Farm or Select Breeders Services.

Sunday: Pick-up or same-day Airline Shipments Only

Please notify our office before 5:00 P.M. eastern time on Saturday evening.

Cooled semen stallions will not be collected on Easter Sunday, Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend, or July 4th. (Please note that shipments scheduled the day before and after Holidays may be restricted to airlines or pick-up only depending on FedEx’s schedule)

Call 410-658-9898 ext. 120 when requesting semen.

Canadian Breeders Shipping from Moore Equine

To help our Canadian breeders save on shipping expenses and the hassle of getting an import permit, Hilltop Farm ships a limited amount of frozen semen to Moore Equine in Calgary, Alberta at the start of each breeding season for distribution within Canada. We will ship four doses of frozen semen to Moore Equine for each contract booked prior to this group shipment. Doses will be distributed at a max of two doses per cycle. If a mare is not confirmed in foal after utilizing those doses, it would be necessary for the mare owner to follow our typical import procedure to obtain semen for any additional breeding cycles. All shipment requests for semen in Canada will still be sent to Hilltop Farm and follow Hilltop’s standard notification schedule. For more information on deadlines to be included in the group shipment to Canada or to inquire about frozen semen already located in Canada contact Brittany.

Mare Management Reminders

At Hilltop Farm we want to work closely with you and your veterinarian to ensure a successful breeding season and are available for questions at any time. The following information includes some basic suggestions as well as reminders on a few requirements for your breeding contract.

Links & Downloads

Download Mare Owner's Checklist Download Mare Breeding Passport Submit Foal Announcement

A Breeding Soundness Exam including a uterine culture is recommended, but not required, for all mares prior to breeding. If a mare fails to settle after two breeding cycles, Hilltop Farm will require a culture and cytology to be done at that time prior to any additional shipments of semen. We always recommend your vet checking your mare post-breeding to confirm ovulation. If a mare hangs on to a follicle longer than expected, it can be less expensive to ship additional semen than it would be to breed a second complete cycle. Getting your mare settled in foal is just the beginning. We recommend multiple pregnancy checks to help prevent cases of twins, misdiagnosed pregnancies, or lost time in the breeding season. The following schedule is what we recommend; only the first and fourth checks however are required by your breeding contract.
  • 1st check (Required): 14-16 days post ovulation - optimum time for vet to pinch off a twin if more than a single ovulation is noted.
  • 2nd check (Recommended): 28 days post ovulation – to confirm a viable pregnancy as the heartbeat normally appears by day 25.
  • 3rd check (Recommended): 35-40 days post ovulation – to confirm maintained pregnancy prior to endometrial cup formation. Mares that slip foals early may not come back into heat.
  • 4th check (Required): 55-60 days post ovulation – final confirmation of pregnancy in its critical first trimester.
Following your mare’s 55-60 day pregnancy check, please have your vet finish completing the Mare Breeding Passport and return it to Hilltop Farm by September 15th. This Passport is used in all stallion reports to various breed registries and is used to generate a Breeding Certificate so that you can register your foal.

Registration Information

Your mare’s registration and approval play just as important of a role as the stallion’s approvals when determining registration options for your foal. Please keep in mind that in order to register your foal with a specific association, your mare may first need to be presented to that registry for approval. In addition to the registries a stallion is approved with, there may be additional registration options based on your mare’s eligibility and the stallion’s credentials. If you are confused at all on registration options for a potential foal, please speak with Hilltop Farm and your breed registry PRIOR to booking your breeding.

Riverman's Approvals

Approved AHHA, ISR/OldenburgNA

Approved but not currently activated with GOV, Westfalen, & CWHBA

Additional Registration Possibilities

The following are additional registries with which you may be able to register your offspring. Please contact Hilltop Farm and the Registry directly to discuss your specific mare and requirements.

Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association (CWHBA): Riverman has been approved with the CWHBA, but is not currently activated with them.

Dutch Warmblood Studbook in North America (KWPN-NA): Offspring out of KWPN mares and by stallions approved with an Erkend Studbook (including Riverman) are eligible for Register A papers.

Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society (GOV): Riverman has been approved with the GOV, but is not currently activated with them.

Swedish Warmblood Association of North America (SWANA): Riverman offspring out of SWANA mares are eligible for full registration.

Westphalian Horse Association: Any Westphalian papered and branded mare bred to a Lifetime Licensed and Approved German warmblood stallion (including Riverman) may register her foal Westphalian.

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Riverman News

Riverman & Don Principe Lead USEF Sire Rankings: The US Equestrian Leading Sire Rankings closed in mid-December and we have many exciting results to share! For the second time Marydell Farm's Don Principe was named the Dressage Breeding Sire of the Year and for the fourth time Riverman was named Eventing Sire of the Year! >>>

Under The Radar (Riverman-Bar S Tex): Congratulations to Holly Becker! Holly’s homebred mare Under The Radar (Riverman x Leprechaun’s Molly Brown/Bar S Tex), aka “Rapid,” won the Novice Level Championship at the Area XI Eventing Championships. The 6-year old mare was ridden to the first place finish by Sarah Berkowitz. Way to go Rapid! >>>

Cascade (Riverman-Argus): We just received super news from breeder Irena Coz Lucas. Cascade (Riverman x Hobby/Argus) received a 74 on her Mare Performance Test and is upgrading to the Premium Mare Book for ISR/Oldenburg. Cascade’s MPT results earned Cascade her first star in the ISR/Oldenburg Star Awards program. >>>



River of Dreams

(Riverman x Hallmark/Merano)
Reina Marco Porro ITA

Rebecca X

(Riverman x Chantel IV/Caletto I)


(Riverman x Marisol/Corofino)

River Run Roscoe

(Riverman x Daddy’s Image/Cosmos)