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Qredit_US_1_SusanJStickle_stallion_webTeam Hilltop had an excellent show season and we’re celebrating many USDF Year-End Awards for both our own and client horses.  Wonderful job Michael, Jess, & Quinnten.  Congratulations to all the owners & breeders!

  • Kevelaer (Wamberto-Gribaldi), owner/breeder Gavin Parfit & Isabel Barzun US-Bred
    • 4th Place in USDF Horse of the Year Standings (Yearling Colts/Geldings) 77.95%
  • Stetson HTF (Sternlicht-Negro), owner/breeder Hilltop Farm US-Bred
    • 7th Place in USDF Horse of the Year Standings (Yearling Colts/Geldings) 77.25%
  • Royal Celeste FH (Royal Classic-Diamond Hit), leased by Quinnten Alston & Jonathan Clark, bred by Eliza Rutherford US-Bred
    • 5th Place in USDF Horse of the Year Standings (3 Year Old Fillies) 75.55%
  • Qindle HTF (Qredit-Royal Prince), owner/breeder Hilltop Farm US-Bred
    • 9th Place in USDF Horse of the Year Standings (3 Year Old Fillies Materiale) 72.00%
  • Elizabeth’s Elan (Quite Easy-Calimero), owner/breeder Beth Gildea US-Bred
    • CHAMPION USDF All-Breeds Holsteiner (Training Level) 68.636%
  • David Bowie MF (Don Principe-Rotspon), owner/breeder Marydell Farm US-Bred
    • 6th Place in USDF Horse of the Year Standings (USEF 4 Year Olds) 7.8
  • Faberge Blue (Contango-Democraat), owned by Mitch & Lara Mitchelson, bred by Marie Emrey US-Bred
    • 2nd Place in USDF All-Breeds KWPN (Third Level Freestyle) 73.367%
    • 4th Place in USDF All-Breeds KWPN (Third Level) 69.492%
    • 8th Place in USDF Horse of the Year Standings (Third Level Musical Freestyle Challenge) 71.042%
    • 16th Place in USDF Horse of the Year Standings (Third Level Freestyle) 73.367%
  • Sternlicht Hilltop (Soliman de Hus-Rascalino), owned by Hilltop Farm, bred by Rachel Ehrlich US-Bred
    • CHAMPION USDF All-Breeds Hanoverian (Third Level) 71.463%
    • 6th Place in USDF Horse of the Year Standings (FEI 6 Year Olds) 8.0
    • 12th Place in USDF Horse of the Year Standings (Third Level) 71.463%
  • Qredit Hilltop (Quaterback-Dream of Glory), owned by Hilltop Farm, bred by Judy Yancey US-Bred
    • CHAMPION USDF Horse of the Year (Intermediate Musical Freestyle Challenge) 72.508%
    • CHAMPION USDF All-Breeds Oldenburg OHBS (Intermediate Freestyle) 74.00%
    • 2nd Place in USDF All-Breeds Oldenburg OHBS (Intermediate I) 71.514%
    • 4th Place in USDF Horse of the Year Standings (Intermediate I Freestyle) 74.00%
    • 7th Place in USDF Horse of the Year Standings (Intermediate I) 71.514%
  • Feuerbach (Florestan-Welcome), owned by Kaja Brix, bred by Rudolf Hellman
    • CHAMPION USDF All-Breeds Westfalen (Prix St. Georges) 69.343%
  • Witness Hilltop (Hamlet-Burggraaf), owned by Hilltop Farm, bred by Renee Fransen
    • 3rd Place in USDF All-Breeds KWPN (Grand Prix) 67.577%

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Any who has endured the loss of a horse can understand the sorrow and despair that descends like a shroud over everyone involved. Any who has witnessed a horse struggle through serious illness can understand how emotional it is to watch horses fight for their lives and how much respect such horses earn amongst their caregivers.

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With great sadness, we must announce that our beautiful Holsteiner stallion Cor Noir was put down November 3, 2003 for humane reasons. Cor Noir gave tremendous quality to our Hilltop Farm breeding program, producing our top broodmares and the foundation for so much of our success today.

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The phone rings at Hilltop Farm and breeding manager Natalie DiBerardinis answers. Just as she suspected, it is a mare owner looking for advice. Which stallion would be a good match for her mare, the caller asks anxiously. With scientific advances in artificial insemination, the choices for a perfect partner have never been greater, but that doesn't mean the selection process is any simpler. DiBerardinis asks the owner a few questions about her mare and suggests she complete Hilltop's online questionnaire. After reading it, she and the caller will talk again to discuss the options.

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Kristi Nunnink's default expression is a smile. It doesn't matter how hard she's working, what level she's riding or how the horse under her is performing -- her mouth curls faintly upward, unforced. It may just be a coincidence of facial structure, or it may be a product of years of habit. But either way, the expression fits her, because Nunnink may very well be the happiest rider at Rolex Kentucky. At 48, she's heading to her first CCI**** with her horse of a lifetime.

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Recent News

2017 Breeder Rewards: There is no greater testament to a stallion than the quality and success of their offspring. Each year we look forward to seeing the stallion’s offspring out showing successfully. The Hilltop Farm Breeder Reward Program allows us to reward the breeders and owners of horses bred through Hilltop Farm who achieve competitive success through Rewards Certificates that can be applied towards a future breeding. >>>

2018 Stallion Book Set to Mail: The 2018 Hilltop Farm Stallion Book will be mailing after the first of the year. Breeders now have two methods of receiving this updated information, either through the Hilltop Farm website or via mail. >>>

Riverman & Don Principe Lead USEF Sire Rankings: The US Equestrian Leading Sire Rankings closed in mid-December and we have many exciting results to share! For the second time Marydell Farm's Don Principe was named the Dressage Breeding Sire of the Year and for the fourth time Riverman was named Eventing Sire of the Year! >>>

Foal Announcements

Riverman Foal Announcements: 07-06-2017: Congratulations to Kathy LaCroix of Aberdeen, MD on the birth of her new Riverman filly! Arriving on June 16th to her TB mare Twilight Reign, Kathy says her new foal took her time coming, 361 days before she made her grand entrance but she was well worth the wait. >>>

Vallado Foal Announcements: 06-06-17: Congratulations to Eric Taddeo of Warwick, NY on the arrival of his new Vallado foal, born to his mare Star in the month of May! >>>

Donarweiss Foal Announcements: 07-25-16: Michelle James of Airdrie, AB is thrilled to announce the arrival of her new Donarweiss filly! Daydream arrived to Michelle’s CWBHA mare Twice Gold on May 13th and Michelle says she is absolutely stunning and will be calling her Dreamy for short. Congratulations! >>>