16.2h | 2019 | Hanoverian Stallion

Desperado – Negro – Fruhling

Photo By: Susan Stickle
Photo By: Stacy Lynne Photography
Photo By: Stacy Lynne Photography
Photo By: Susan Stickle
16.2h | 2019 | Hanoverian Stallion
Color: Black
Hilltop Farm, Inc.
Hilltop Farm, Inc.
Desperado Vivaldi Krack C
Sarita Havidoff
Unicum-D (aka Uforia) Negro Ferro
Montana Fruhling

Denmark offers a pedigree aimed for the upper levels along with three quality basic paces and a superb trainability. Denmark’s sire Desperado NOP has been successful from the FEI Young Horse tests through the international Grand Prix with scores as high as 85% under top rider Emelie Scholtens. He has also made a significant mark as a sire, with many approved sons to date including the popular Ibiza as well as significant competitors up to the Grand Prix level.

Denmark’s dam Uforia (reg. Unicum-D) was a successful Grand Prix horse and an exceptional producer. Uforia produced the approved stallion Louisville, a Premium daughter, and her oldest offspring is winning at the FEI levels. Damsire Negro is one of the most proven sires for his record of Grand Prix offspring, including the Olympic horses Valegro and Fendi T; as well as two-time World Young Horse Champion Kjento. 

Denmark’s first competition season did not disappoint, with qualifying for the US Young Horse Championships, finishing the season with a median score of 8.1 and 4th nationally in the USEF 4-Year Old rankings and earning a wildcard score for the US Dressage Finals. Denmark also completed his first year Stallion Sport Test earning highlight scores of 8 for walk and rideability. We look forward to the arrival of the first Denmark foals in 2024.


2022: Licensed AHS, ARS, Westfalen, & ISR/Oldenburg

2019: Gold Medal Foal with the AHS


Breeding Information

Breeding Fees & Contracts
$650 Per ICSI Session
Details: Allows for access to frozen semen for one Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) session performed at New Bolton Center.

Download Per ICSI Session Frozen Agreement

$650 Per Dose
Details: Cooled or frozen semen sold by the dose with no guarantee. ICSI not permitted.

Download 2024 Per Dose Cooled Agreement

Download 2024 Per Dose Frozen Agreement

$1,200 1-Season
Details: 1-Season multi-dose agreement completed when your mare maintains a pregnancy for 60-days.

Download 2024 1-Season Agreement

$1,500 2-Season
Details: 2-Season multi-dose agreement. Rebreed available for the 2025 season should your mare not produce a live foal after the 2024 breeding season.

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Submit A Contract Online
Details: Visit the Book A Contract page to electronically submit your contract. This option allows you to quickly book and submit payment via PayPal or Credit Card. 

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Mare Information
Mare Management Reminders

At Hilltop Farm we want to work closely with you and your veterinarian to ensure a successful breeding season and are available for questions at any time. The following information includes some basic suggestions as well as reminders on a few requirements for your breeding contract.

A Breeding Soundness Exam including a uterine culture is recommended, but not required, for all mares prior to breeding. If a mare fails to settle after two breeding cycles, Hilltop Farm will require a culture and cytology to be done at that time prior to any additional shipments of semen. We always recommend your vet checking your mare post-breeding to confirm ovulation. If a mare hangs on to a follicle longer than expected, it can be less expensive to ship additional semen than it would be to breed a second complete cycle. Getting your mare settled in foal is just the beginning. We recommend multiple pregnancy checks to help prevent cases of twins, misdiagnosed pregnancies, or lost time in the breeding season. The following schedule is what we recommend; only the first and fourth checks however are required by your breeding contract.

  • 1st check (Required): 14-16 days post ovulation – optimum time for vet to pinch off a twin if more than a single ovulation is noted.
  • 2nd check (Recommended): 28 days post ovulation – to confirm a viable pregnancy as the heartbeat normally appears by day 25.
  • 3rd check (Recommended): 35-40 days post ovulation – to confirm maintained pregnancy prior to endometrial cup formation. Mares that slip foals early may not come back into heat.
  • 4th check (Required): 55-60 days post ovulation – final confirmation of pregnancy in its critical first trimester.

Following your mare’s 14-16 day pregnancy check, please have your vet complete the Mare Breeding Passport received with your semen shipment and return it to Hilltop Farm. Any changes in pregnancy status after the 14-16 day check must be communicated to Hilltop Farm immediately. This Passport is used in all stallion reports to various breed registries and is used to generate a Breeding Certificate so that you can register your foal.

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Cooled Semen

Denmark will be available via cooled semen from April 10th, 2024 to August 4th, 2024. Stallions are only collected at the request of the breeder or their veterinarian, click here for instructions to Request A Semen Shipment.

REMINDER: The SBS lab is closed and stallions will not be collected on Easter Sunday, Monday of Memorial Day weekend, and July 4th. Show schedules will be updated to this page 30-days in advance of upcoming shows.

Show Schedule: The following is the tentative show schedule during breeding season for Denmark, possible dates will be added below at least 30-days in advance of any show. We may choose not to attend some of the following shows, but want our mare owners prepared for all possibilities.

Denmark will not be available for collections on the days listed below. Frozen semen may be shipped during this time. As you come closer to the cycle that you will be breeding your mare, contact Brittany to discuss any changes and how we can meet your breeding needs.

  • June 6-9th Dressage at the Park
  • June 14-16th Dressage at Rhythm & Blues
  • July 18-21st Sussex County Dressage
Distribution Fee (per shipment)

Cooled Semen distribution is handled by Select Breeders Service, Inc. The Distribution Fee must be paid in advance of each shipment by check or credit card. All cooled semen shipments are sent using the Equitainer, which we believe provides the most reliable, consistent cooling of semen.

  • $440 for US shipments – including round-trip FedEx shipping and collection fee – $15 additional for Saturday delivery
  • Pick-up/return at Hilltop Farm or SBS: $290 weekday, $310 Sunday
  • US Airline Shipments: $595 weekday, $620 Sunday
  • Late Fee for requests received after the published notification time: $95
  • Container Deposit – $250 (Secured by credit card – not charged unless container is not returned or is damaged)
  • Cooled semen is available to select locations in Canada, Contact Us for additional information.
Registration & Futurity Information

Your mare’s registration and approval play just as important of a role as the stallion’s approvals when determining registration options for your foal. Please keep in mind that in order to register your foal with a specific association, your mare may first need to be presented to that registry for approval. In addition to the registries a stallion is approved with, there may be additional registration options based on your mare’s eligibility and the stallion’s credentials. If you are confused at all on registration options for a potential foal, please speak with Hilltop Farm and your breed registry PRIOR to booking your breeding.

Denmark’s Approvals
  • Approved ISR/OldenburgNA
  • Approved AHS & ARS
  • Approved Westfalen
Additional Registration Possibilities
  • KWPN-NA: Offspring out of KWPN-NA mares and by stallions approved with an Erkend Studbook (such as Denmark) are eligible for Register A papers.
Futurity Information
  • American Hanoverian Society (AHS) Yearling & 2-Year Old Futurity: Yearling and 2-Year Old Denmark offspring that are Hanoverian or American Rhineland registered are eligible for participation. For additional information and futurity guidelines click HERE.
Frozen Semen

Frozen semen may be shipped year-round. Frozen semen is only shipped at the request of the breeder or their veterinarian, click here for instructions to Request A Semen Shipment.

Distribution Fee (per shipment)

Frozen Semen distribution is handled by Select Breeders Service, Inc. The Distribution Fee must be paid in advance of each shipment by check or credit card.

  • $440 for FedEx Overnight or $410 for FedEx 2-Day US shipments; $750 for Canadian shipments + duties/customs charges. These include round-trip FedEx shipping. $15 additional for Saturday delivery.
  • $170 for pick-up/return at Hilltop Farm or SBS with our container (does not include return by FedEx)
  • $55 for pick-up or shipment from SBS with own container (does not include return by FedEx); $55 additional client owned tank recharge fee for tanks that arrive warm.
  • $50 for each additional stallion if multiple stallions are being shipped together; $50 per each additional Mare Owner per shipment
  • Late Fee for requests received after the published notification time: $95
  • Container Deposit – $1350 (Secured by credit card – not charged unless container is not returned or is damaged)
Stallion Health Information
EVA: Negative, Vaccinated Annually
This stallion has been tested for and vaccinated against EVA.  Given his negative status, it is not necessary to vaccinate your mare prior to breeding to this stallion
WFFS Tested: Negative N/N
This stallion is not a carrier of Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS) and may be breed to both non-carrier and carrier mares without risk. For additional information on WFFS visit the Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome page on our website.
Color Tested: Homozygous Black E/E, Homozygous a/a
Denmark does not carry the red factor gene. He will not produce chestnut offspring. Denmark is homozygous a/a, meaning he has the potential to sire black offspring.
Blood Type: Aab Ca Pa Ua
Denmark’s blood type is Aab Ca Pa Ua.
Additional Testing Through Etalon Equine Genetics
Denmark has DNA on file with Etalon Diagnostics and is included in the Build-A-Horse module. With submission of your mare’s DNA, Etalon can provide feedback on potential characteristics of a foal resulting from Denmark and your mare. Use the code HILLTOP10 to receive a 10% discount off genetic testing through Etalon Equine Genetics.